Example sentences of "be [adv] assumed to be " in BNC.

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31 They were never importunate , never servile ; they never tried to lure Europeans into the kind of patron-client relationship which is often assumed to be vital to the functioning of the colonial psyche but which many Englishmen in fact found more annoying than gratifying .
32 The proper field of women psychologists is often assumed to be far from the heights of psychological theory .
33 However , a separate proposal was made by Easterbrook ( 1959 ) which describes an underlying mechanism which is often assumed to be responsible for both relationships .
34 The provisional IRA 's commitment to violence against the British and against the protestant — loyalist alliance , which the provisionals rhetorically and conveniently subsume under the term ‘ the British ’ , is frequently assumed to be based on either Marxist or nationalist principles and in both cases to be secularist or areligious .
35 Infant mortality is frequently assumed to be an especially sensitive indicator of severe poverty .
36 The ‘ defending ’ firm 's use of any legal ploy , including ‘ poison pills ’ designed to make the acquisition indigestible , is cheerfully assumed to be fair .
37 In both cases , the objection is simply assumed to be valid , without proof , and before the evidence has even been considered .
38 We shall now take a ferromagnetic material that has a very narrow hysteresis loop so that we can assume with good approximation a unique ( though of course nonlinear ) relationship between B and H. The material is again assumed to be of a toroidal shape but it is now excited by a current I flowing in a coil of N turns ( Fig. 3.13(a) ) .
39 Aggregate supply is either assumed to be time-trended or represented in some other naive fashion .
40 Communicative dynamism is therefore assumed to be achieved by the interplay of these three factors : linear modification ( i.e. gradation of position , syntax ) , semantic structure , and context .
41 These conclusions lead her to argue that rationality has been falsely assumed to be the criterion of political adulthood , and that rationality does not entail autonomy .
42 The site of acetylation of 5-ASA was widely assumed to be the liver , but it has recently been shown that the human colonic epithelial cell is capable of acetylating 5-ASA , and that N-acetyltransferase activity is present in the cytosol .
43 Why the date 1785 was used is uncertain ; it was said by Professor J.G. Wright to commemorate the meeting of the Odiham Agricultural Society when the first mention of the idea of improving farriery was made , but the strong possibility remains that it was originally meant to be 1875 , the year the College received its Charter of Incorporation and adopted its coat of arms , and that someone corrected what was wrongly assumed to be an error .
44 Work such as that of Young et al ( 1988 ) has even shown us how something that was traditionally assumed to be as intangible and subjective as the nature of conscious awareness itself can be disrupted by physical damage to the brain and can be successfully studied by the observational techniques of cognitive psychology .
45 Animal Painting in Britain was the title of a book by Basil Taylor , where he explained in his first chapter that the topic had been neglected since it was either assumed to be about sporting pictures , or about pictures of horses by such specialists as Sartorius .
46 What was previously assumed to be given for a single capital now needs to be explained .
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