Example sentences of "be [adv] assumed to be " in BNC.

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1 But this explanation is not sufficient to explain the phenomenon : there is a definite difference between , shall we say , an amoeba and a crystal , yet the crystal grows and ( in a very limited sense ) reproduces — two activities that are generally assumed to be characteristic of living material .
2 Alcohol and tobacco are generally assumed to be products with a very inelastic demand .
3 Controlled processes are generally assumed to be voluntary , flexible and capacity limited while automatic ones are highly efficient , unavoidable , resistant to modification , not subject to capacity limitations and able to occur without awareness ( LaBerge , 1981 ) .
4 The answer to that of course is ‘ no ’ ; because honour , pride and ego are always assumed to be male .
5 Note that regimental champions ( Bosses ) are always assumed to be armed and equipped exactly as the rank and file members of their regiment .
6 Note that regimental champions are always assumed to be armed and equipped in exactly the same way as the rank and file members of the regiment .
7 Ancestral origins from different geographical regions , however , are still assumed to be important in understanding pupil needs .
8 Variable and fixed costs are traditionally assumed to be linear .
9 That is , if ( for the purposes of semantic or pragmatic interpretation ) we think of deictic expressions as anchored to specific points in the communicative event , then the unmarked anchorage points , constituting the deictic centre , are typically assumed to be as follows : ( i ) the central person is the speaker , ( ii ) the central time is the time at which the speaker produces the utterance , ( iii ) the central place is the speaker 's location at utterance time or CT , ( iv ) the discourse centre is the point which the speaker is currently at in the production of his utterance , and ( v ) the social centre is the speaker 's social status and rank , to which the status or rank of addressees or referents is relative .
10 The Newsons suggest these associations stand out to such an extent that they ‘ can be fairly assumed to be causative ’ .
11 Variants of binary variables ( which are implicitly assumed to be discrete ) are most easily handled as percentages ; table 5.1 for example lists zero realizations of ( h ) as a percentage of the total number of occurrences of both variants .
12 Women were normally assumed to be dependent members of a family unit : daughters living at home before marriage ; wives of employed husbands ; or if unmarried , sheltered by parents or siblings .
13 Max Jacob and Modigliani were always assumed to be good friends ; they had a great deal in common .
14 All of these problems , falling within the sphere of legitimate unrest , could be dealt with , he believed , by intelligent and sympathetic administrators — were indeed assumed to be , though he did not explicitly say so , their bread and butter : he himself had dealt superlatively with the Punjab rent agitations of 1931 .
15 ( During the late nineteenth century , single pregnant women were sometimes assumed to be insane and were confined to the workhouse under the 1890 Lunacy Act . )
16 Hamlets and farmsteads within the parishes of these villages were generally not documented before the twelfth or thirteenth centuries and were therefore assumed to be secondary or daughter settlements created as the population expanded , more land was cleared and farmed , and new settlements were needed .
17 This same point about the divisibility of roles which are ordinarily assumed to be interchangeable is further exemplified by my second example which is another piece of classic ethnography .
18 In spite of its rarity in oral language , it is widely assumed to be easy to read , and hence is freely introduced into children 's fiction and other early reading materials .
19 ‘ Is it not remarkable , ’ she said , her pretty brows arched in bewilderment , ‘ that an organisation set up in support of the family is thereby assumed to be against the welfare state ?
20 No complete census of dolphins has ever been carried out in India , although the total population is generally assumed to be between 4000 and 5000 .
21 Despite the fact that single-parent families , people on their own , or unrelated people living together constitute 32 per cent of all households ( Central Statistical Office , 1979 , p. 44 ) , the household is generally assumed to be the nuclear family .
22 To be European in Italy is a logical extension of what is already assumed to be one 's natural multiple identity within a family , a city , a region and a nation .
23 So there 's often a contradiction as to whether programmes are addressed to their actual or potential audiences or to a hypothetical audience , which in current affairs and news broadcasts is usually assumed to be a male viewer .
24 Loss of the nuptial pads is usually assumed to be a consequence of mating on land because , in other frogs and toads , their function appears to be to help the male to grip onto the female 's slippery back while mating in water .
25 Since Bentham 's position is usually assumed to be rigorist , it is worth pointing out that his main formulations , such as we have described above , seem to be non-rigorist .
26 Similarly the south gate is usually assumed to be at the end of Southgate Street where an internal street points in the direction of Boley Hill ; the existence of a cemetery in this region outside the walls would support this assumption .
27 The missing actor is usually assumed to be the writer .
28 Investment expenditure I is also assumed to be exogenous in our model , with factors such as business confidence and the expectations of entrepreneurs being considered more important determinants of the level of investment than the current level of income .
29 Recent studies on the context dependence of hydrogen bond free energies in RNA hairpins , revealed by selective base substitutions , conclude that the ribose hydroxyl contributes relatively little to RNA stability ( ∼zero at 37°C ) [ 19 ] , and consequently the free energy contribution to the stability of a single stranded RNA structure from hydrogen bonds is also assumed to be approximately zero ( contrast base stacking interactions ) .
30 Group One is now assumed to be obsolete .
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