Example sentences of "[vb mod] not assume that the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 You must not assume that the examiner knows what restitutio in integrum means .
2 One should not assume that the decisions of working-class families would be substantially affected by new methods of birth control or by new ideas .
3 It was his own spiritual change which made possible after the poems of the early twenties a more affectionate view of London , but we should not assume that the owner of Down the Silver Stream of Thames had ever been totally blind to the beauty of the city .
4 One need not assume that the quality of service is lower —
5 In other words , in this case , we can not assume that the position in 1974 represented inter-generational equity .
6 You must state these , because you can not assume that the users of this grammar are well acquainted with such principles .
7 If we are to understand the significance of subject specialization , then we must take the choices made by women seriously : we can not assume that the student who chooses physical science is somehow ‘ right ’ while the student who chooses the humanities is somehow ‘ wrong ’ .
8 Thus if we have a whole W , made up of parts X and Y then we can not assume that the value of W is the value of X added to the value of Y , for W may be an organic unity .
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