Example sentences of "[art] [adj] look in his eyes " in BNC.

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1 But you can see it in the glazed look in his eyes .
2 The knowing look in his eyes let her know she had n't fooled him for an instant , but he gave a single nod .
3 He scanned the empty horizon and frowned , and she quivered , suddenly afraid at the savage look in his eyes .
4 He heaved a sigh , which was instantly belied by the droll look in his eyes .
5 The questioning look in his eyes showed he had n't missed the slip .
6 ‘ That 's a relief , ’ he said , but he did n't sound relieved and she saw the sombre look in his eyes deepen .
7 Bernice was disappointed to see the deadened look in his eyes as well .
8 ‘ I thought we 'd said everything there was to say , ’ she said , seeing in her turn the anxious frown and the bleak look in his eyes .
9 ‘ That is n't me — it 's my twin sister , ’ Claudia said simply , to be immediately disconcerted by the disbelieving look in his eyes .
10 Luke broke off without completing the shocked question , the appalled look in his eyes gradually giving way to contrition as he stared at her .
11 In his right hand he carried a long machete , but it was the crazed look in his eyes that really shook the young policeman .
12 She was unable to meet the intense look in his eyes , and her lashes fluttered wildly against her cheeks .
13 He went on like that until the chief officer nodded him through with a glazed look in his eyes .
14 When he came to Tallis , carrying the spoils , there was a strange look in his eyes ; he had been fired by the bloody encounter .
15 There was a dark look in his eyes as he continued to look down at her , but as she proceeded to wriggle away from him he made no move to stop her .
16 ’ He was looking at her but now there was a far-away look in his eyes as though he 'd forgotten her presence .
17 ‘ It makes you look rakish , ’ she decided , and drew in a ragged breath as she encountered a smouldering look in his eyes .
18 I was sure he had had a gloating look in his eyes when he found out I had been robbed .
19 With a troubled look in his eyes , Petion nodded , and turned his attention to his targets .
20 The tourist was well built , stronger possibly than either Creed or McGowan , but there was a pleading look in his eyes now , like a dog that knows it 's going to be kicked .
21 She knew it was only to talk to her ; there was a yearning look in his eyes , a look that was too young for the rest of his face .
22 McDunn nods slowly , slightly , a distant look in his eyes like he 's not really nodding at what I 've just told him ; has n't been listening to a word I 've said , in fact .
23 Roman asked , a wary look in his eyes .
24 He raised his hand and started towards Oliver with a mad look in his eyes , but fell violently to the ground , shaking and gasping , in a fit .
25 His face , which was usually pink and healthy , was grey and thin , and there was a frightened look in his eyes .
26 One had a wild look in his eyes .
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