Example sentences of "'ve been [adv] to " in BNC.

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31 I 've been round to Merle 's .
32 No this is , cos Marion and Matthew they like Indians and they go both me ma , start again , they like Indian meals and they 've been round to quite a few and they said this is the best one they 've been to .
33 now , I mean you 've been very to Neil over the last year or so and I mean now it 's time to get his act together .
34 ‘ To be on the safe side , I 've been back to the beginning of the year .
35 ‘ I 've been back to London a few times in the last year , and I 've had some great times there , ’ she enthused .
36 We 've been back to some of the places in the film to see what changes there 've been and to talk to some of the people who were in the original film .
37 We 've been back to some of the houses featured in the original film to see how they 've changed .
38 When , when they 've been down , and they 've been back to school , they 've sent me a collections of drawings and nice little notes about it , and we 've come firm friends because first they look at me , on me as the pond woman , oh , they saw me on television getting my award , and erm they thought that was rather wonderful , and so we , we , we talk and now the , the first ones have quite grown up .
39 They 've been twice to Scotland , but no well they went there when they come from Australia , instead of coming straight here .
40 ‘ I 've been out to Sierra Leone two or three times , ’ said Rosenior .
41 Yes , I was working at Walsall airport er Walsall electrics , sorry , at the time and er I 've been out to the pictures I , with a couple of friends and er I got home this particular evening and I put the late night dance music on on the radio and they , they interrupted the programme to tell us that er Germany had accepted unconditional surrender and the war was over .
42 mind you , I 've , we 've just finished eating our tea , we 've been out to all hours doing the lawn , you know cutting the lawns all round the house
43 As you can imagine , I 've been along to Mattlock 's .
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