Example sentences of "'ve just been [verb] " in BNC.

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31 We 've just been to see Jean there at the chippy .
32 ‘ I 've just been given a present . ’
33 you 're going to work in there , you 've just been given a , your , your standard value which is gross , thousand and thousand of dollars , now how are you going to spend that money that you 've got for
34 gone to their GP 's , and often have been given some sort of medicine for their depression but have n't had the counselling side of things dealt with and they 've just been given re-prescriptions , not necessarily seen every time for a re-prescription .
35 Before Rachel was born I bought about six stretchsuits , and I 've just been given 12 more but I have n't had to spend much on her clothes yet because I 've had so many presents .
36 ‘ I 've just been given some great news .
37 That 's right section three , it should be blank at the moment except for what you 've just been given .
38 Then that particular Saturday , Leith 's outgoing if slightly irresponsible brother had come to tell her excitedly , ‘ I 've just been chatting to Rosemary Green ! ’
39 ‘ I 've just been brewing some coffee — I expect you 'd like a cup .
40 We 've just been overcharged for this sandwich .
41 By the way , I 've just been glancing through my fixture list , and it seems to me that the real test of our recent good form will come in December/early January .
42 worked up the ladder , but , what 's required in a judge , I would say , put putting for the moment , what we 've just been discussing on the side , that is , any question of bias , or sex bias , a judge is there in court , to perform an intellectual .
43 Or indeed the work that you 've just been discussing that we 've all pursued jointly in pinning down the government on the transfer of undertakings directive .
44 ‘ Tommy , you 've just been cautioned for the murder of … ‘
45 You 've just been appointed as a care assistant .
46 These are the people to whom , for example , you write if you 've just been appointed liquidator of a company and want to get its VAT payments sorted out .
47 ‘ I 've just been telling the captain .
48 You 've just been telling us all what a relief it was to get out of the city . ’
49 Is n't that what you 've just been telling me ?
50 ‘ You mean that 's the monster you 've just been telling me all about ? ’
51 Though , ever a man to confuse her , he greeted her pleasantly , ‘ Good morning , darling , ’ and , in case she had n't got the message that the endearment was only on account of their audience , ‘ I 've just been telling my uncle that we 'll be leaving after breakfast . ’
52 Er so it 's mainly erm what I 've just been telling you about cleaning all
53 no , when you get someone 's relative phoning up because they 've just been crushed under a lump of machinery , that 's is very fraught .
54 Well , but I 've just been conversing with ghosts myself .
55 ‘ I have a feeling I 've just been conned , Father .
56 ‘ I 've just been hearing about Pat 's epic poem about the ‘ other side ’ , ’ said Alison .
57 Looked a sensible , down-to-earth type to me , and he might be a corrective to what we 've just been hearing .
58 Stan , as we 've just been hearing from Michael Medleycote , there 's a new initiative from the British Tourist Authority .
59 ‘ I 've just been posting a letter for poor Mrs. Fanshawe , Sister , ’ she said virtuously .
60 I 've just been borrowing you .
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