Example sentences of "two [noun pl] ' time " in BNC.

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31 and then if that 's okay with you I 'll come back in about two weeks ' time and
32 Well I 'm coming back to see you in two weeks ' time so could I maybe get the information off you then ?
33 I , I did say in two weeks ' time
34 Ag again with the , the recommendations I think you , you , you went on to say can I , can I go forward in , in getting the recommendations erm without actually explaining what you were doing , you just came back and said so I 'll go ahead and get the recommendations and come back and see you in two weeks ' time and like what recommendation ?
35 Now I 'd like to go through each of them with you now and then again in two weeks ' time , and hear any suggestions you may have .
36 in two weeks ' time .
37 so that day at erm , it was two weeks ' time that day erm tt , think is on er Robocop
38 In about two weeks ' time not even that much , yeah about two weeks I suppose on May the ninth it 's my twentieth birthday .
39 I wa in two weeks ' time , one week time ?
40 Then in about two weeks ' time we come to the carol service .
41 Two weeks ' time , we 've got a week off .
42 The ruling in Strasbourg yesterday that the complaints are admissible clears the way for a future hearing before the European Court of Human Rights in up to two years ' time .
43 That 's a look we 'll see emerging from the dull , old chrysalis that was Renault design in the '70s and '80s , when it takes the wraps off its first really new-age car in two years ' time .
44 Le Moignan has talked about retiring in two years ' time , but that could be hastened if there were another loss to Opie , who has made a determined comeback after defeats in the world and British opens .
45 Besides , say the Liberal Club 's supporters , Civic Forum has a responsibility to carry out its programme and must continue to function until the next general election , in less than two years ' time .
46 With the opening of the company 's fourth North American assembly plant in two years ' time , Toyota will also have the capacity to produce almost 1m vehicles a year in America .
47 The new appointment runs until the next European championships , in two years ' time .
48 The dealer works out the car 's value in two years ' time ( the MGFV , or Minimum Guaranteed Future Value ) and subtracts it from the price , minus your deposit .
49 We 'll meet here , on the same day , in two years ' time , at seven o'clock , and we 'll have exactly the same things to eat , and tell each other quite frankly in what ways we 've changed .
50 Jasper Carrott and Hale and Pace did impromptu performances — and everyone there pledged to come back in two years ' time .
51 LINFORD Christie will quit athletics in two years ' time — aiming to bow out as the undisputed No 1 sprinter in the world .
52 LINFORD Christie will quit athletics in two years ' time — aiming to bow out as the undisputed No 1 sprinter in the world , writes David Harrison .
53 International availability of lines is increasingly widespread , and in two years ' time ISDN will become the standard business line offering from BT .
54 A review of compliance should be carried out in two years ' time .
55 He reckons that with inflation running at 19 per cent a year it will cost £141.61 in two years ' time .
56 In two years ' time I would be doing
57 The plaintiff , wishing to have monies now and not in two years ' time , prudently accepted the settlement figure .
58 Wraith Grant , who spent £26,000 to win £18,000 before losing his tour status in 1991 , summed it up : ‘ If someone said you could be a millionaire in two years ' time , what would you do ?
59 THAT her divorce from Prince Andrew will be finalised in two years ' time .
60 IMAX , the large screen format used by THE ROLLING STONES for their At the Max live concert film will open a 500 seater venue on London 's South Bank in two years ' time .
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