Example sentences of "may be say [prep] " in BNC.

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31 There may be said to be three different types of Christology : ‘ high ’ Christologies , ‘ low ’ Christologies , and ‘ message ’ Christologies .
32 This may be said to be the effect of his thought that probably there are no decent seats left .
33 It may be said to be on the right lines , but at best it provides materials for an answer to the logical question , materials which it does not combine properly .
34 A second sense in which the inner-city phonology may be said to be complex is in the incidence of lexical items that have two alternative vowel pronunciations quite distinct phonetically and phonemically from each other .
35 To the extent that these parts of the social structure are based on the same values , they may be said to be integrated .
36 Even the solicitor and the author may be said to be employed — in the ‘ simple language … used and understood by ordinary literate men and women ’ — and if they are employed , their remuneration is surely earned ‘ in employment . ’
37 They may be said to be exercising an administrative function .
38 ‘ The case may be said to be a good example of the stringency with which the courts scrutinise transactions of guarantee entered into at the instance of a debtor who is likely to be in a position to exert influence on the surety and in circumstances in which the surety can derive no conceivable benefit from the transaction .
39 This type of book may be said to ante-date the classical detective story , which we have called the template or original of most crime fiction .
40 Variants of ( Ε ) and ( o ) do not form a continuum along a single linear scale , but each of them may be said to be part of one or more subscales which can be constructed on , for example , the continua of roundness , or backness or length .
41 However , it may be said to be fairer than the Community Charge in that the tax does , at least , rise with the value of the house and it is reasonable to assume that those living in more expensive houses have higher incomes than those living in less expensive dwellings .
42 Belief … may be said to be the state of mind of a person who says to himself : " I can not say I know for certain that these goods are stolen , but there can be no other reasonable conclusion in the light of circumstances …
43 At any one time , though , there are a number of relationships that may be said to be in a constitutional haze .
44 There may be said to be two limbs to s740(5) .
45 WHATEVER may be said to the contrary , there is a big difference between reactions to loyalist and republican paramilitary violence .
46 ( vi ) The same may be said for a passage of Paul .
47 The same may be said for Confucianism , which has dominated Chinese philosophical thinking from times BOO years before the birth of Christ .
48 If remembering that the Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus keeps doctrinal formulation authentic , the same may be said for experience .
49 Still , some things may be said with reasonable assurance .
50 Or w w shall we say that may be said with a bit of a tongue in cheek ?
51 Both counsel and judges follow the punctilios of court procedure and conduct , and a few words may be said on these .
52 It may be said at once that these questions can not be answered with complete certainty .
53 It may be said at once that the earlier date , adopted by the the editor of the Istanbul edition of Asikpasazade and Danismend , may safely be ruled out , not only through the evidence of Molla Yegan 's involvement with Molla Gurani but also on the basis of an anecdote about him related in the tenth volume of the history by Kemalpasazade ( d. 940/1534 ) .
54 It may be said at once that of these dates the most inherently improbable is the last , that given by the later Turkish tradition .
55 It may be said at once that the doctrine of tenure , as developed in England , made it difficult , if not impossible to regard either [ the tenant ] or his lord as the owner of the land itself .
56 We should remember that he does not claim definitely to be refuting the Aristotelians , but merely to be pointing out what may be said against them .
57 That is to say they believe that God was in some sense differently related to particular events , or may be said in particular to have revealed God 's self through those events , in a way in which this is not true of all other events or periods in history .
58 That , as may be said in tones suitable to the objection , is the conception of something so complete as to necessitate by itself its effect .
59 It may be said in general that the designer of a superconducting circuit needs to worry about the response time and energy of superconducting electrons .
60 Furthermore , it should not be forgotten that , whatever may be said in the Maastricht Treaty , the European Court held in its Opinion 1/91 on the European Economic Area Agreement that , having regard to the Treaties then in force , the Community already had the objective of achieving European Union .
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