Example sentences of "just [verb] to be " in BNC.

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31 IT just has to be every teacher 's nightmare — to turn up for the new term and face TEN sets of twins .
32 It just has to be unpicked , wound into balls , reknitted and resteamed .
33 It does n't have to be big , it just has to be there .
34 Being born and bred in Ludlow , my favourite team just has to be
35 The PROFITBOSS has no option : he just has to be the best in his chosen area .
36 that we 're gon na have to start er defending , you know , because we er er , we , we have got a wealth of experience and information it just has to be shared .
37 Or is it something which just has to be considered as part of the planning process ?
38 ‘ Something so realistic just has to be accurate !
39 ‘ I 've had time to think it well and truly through in what has been the longest three quarters of an hour of my life between phone call and you getting here — and it just has to be you .
40 It 's just s'posed to be an argument but this will lead to up , like an argument of like them kind of buildings , are not like buildings , like tradition , to keep with the tradition .
41 ‘ But I just tried to be patient , and one day everything just started to be okay again .
42 ‘ CHRIST ! ’ said Lucy hurtling to her feet , stalking the floor like Mildred Pierce , ‘ all your talent and you just want to be a bloody lover !
43 I just want to be comfortable .
44 ‘ Maybe you just want to be big again .
45 He ended his hour-long presentation with the words , ‘ We are on our way toward making the division one of the best goddamned outfits in overseas operations , and I just want to be given the chance to prove that the plan which I have outlined to you today is the right one for the British operation , for Europe and for the Corporation . ’
46 ‘ I just want to be able to do what I like . ’
47 Certainly I have had it said to me by grieving , often very elderly , people : ‘ There 's nothing left for me now , I just want to be with my husband .
48 You just want to be left alone to die .
49 I think it is sad if you just want to be popular for the sake of it .
50 Some people just want to be told what to eat .
51 I just want to be able to say I 've done it , that 's all . ’
52 I just want to be treated honestly and know if I am part of Chelsea 's plans . ’
53 I do n't intend to push myself , I just want to be ready . ’
54 They just want to be seen calling at the house . ’
55 ‘ I just want to be there but , if the worst comes to the worst , the squad is strong enough to win . ’
56 We just want to be alone
57 We just want to be sure everything is hunky-dory . ’
58 One night , after heavy drinking in Soho Minton turned up at the house where they were living , broke a window , and climbed in , saying , ‘ I just want to be part of you . ’
59 Well I do n't agree with that , I think that when your in love with someone you want to be with them all the time , you think about them during the day , you think about them at night , you just want to be with them and usually you like how they look , you like how they talk , they like , you like how they treat you and er to me that 's , its wonderful , just
60 And , a a I mean I think we have , you know , to be feminists because we do n't want to be better than men , we just want to be equal .
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