Example sentences of "can i just [vb infin] " in BNC.

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31 Can I just check what you were saying there ?
32 Can I just check out that what you 're actually talking about is influencing that .
33 I 'll can I just check sensibly it might be something
34 Er , just so that we can see which way we 're working , John , can I just check out , have you the faintest idea what the hell she 's talking about ?
35 Can I just check out , how do you think roles within the teams .
36 Yes ca can I just check with , with , with the movement that the resolution is as follows ?
37 Can I just check , you 're not currently in a pension scheme are you ?
38 Can I just check ?
39 Hang on , can I just check out your question , certainly we 've taken the Cutteslowe health and housing audit to this committee , and so has housing
40 Can I just borrow you for a few moments ?
41 Can I just borrow it please ?
42 Can I , can I just pass for a minute and think on this one and come back .
43 Well this is where Michael is a he would rather , I mean when I say to him can I just do some work on you calc I say , no , cos you are not doing any work , the calculator 's doing the work .
44 Ca , can I just do that then , with , with , yes , excuse me Kevin , I think we we voiced that one , we can see there 's , there a lot , will obviously be increased er er traffic , er from the site , er and it it 's clear that that the bigger the houses the more likely there is we 'd have increased traffic .
45 Can I just do one more then ?
46 Can I just do this little bit look just to the end of the branch .
47 right , two are the same , er different social , can I just pull one of those out and use that ?
48 Can I just watch this please ?
49 Can I just feel If you lift your hand , would you please ?
50 Can I just answer the phone ?
51 Can I just answer the question I , I dodged ?
52 But can I just answer that because hopefully we do we do try to listen and we try to give you what information you 're capable of taking at the time .
53 Can I just talk to you about them ones ?
54 In the meanwhile , if we 're going to use the B/R grant pretty soon , can I just leave it in the current account ?
55 C can I just stop you there and say is it relevant ?
56 Can I just stop there for a minute er er is this the best
57 Right can I just stop there just for a second ?
58 Yeah can I just stop you just for a second ?
59 Can I just stop you there , just for a second ?
60 Can I just , can I just stop you there for a minute .
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