Example sentences of "what it is for " in BNC.

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31 It 's been very hard for years , and now , to be back here , you do n't know what it is for me .
32 Nor is it necessary to know any of x 's relational properties in order to understand what it is for it to be round-shaped or metal .
33 It is suggested that this captures the core of what it is for conduct to be insulting .
34 If your experiment involves other people ( e.g. if you are comparing different readers ' responses ) , you need to consider ethical issues which arise , including ( a ) getting their permission to use the results ; ( b ) showing them the results and explaining them ; ( c ) not using their names when you report the experiment ( even if they have given permission for this , there is unlikely to be any point ) ; ( d ) the ethical problem that sometimes an experiment is best conducted if the test subjects do n't know what it is for ; that is , if there is a " secret agenda " .
35 So Moses asks him what it is for , and the shepherd replies , " This is God 's milk . "
36 That is what it is for .
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