Example sentences of "from time to time " in BNC.

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31 Yet these matters , it has been suggested , lie deep — indeed , unutterably deep — in every American psyche ; and it is good that from time to time the unutterable be uttered — it is , one might say , one of the things that we look to poets for .
32 Patience is not what we associate with Pound , and from time to time he seems to have kicked over the traces ( at least once to be ticked off for it by Dorothy ) : yet we see all over again that the young Pound was well content with Edwardian England , was hopeful of it and ready to abide by its rules in everything that mattered .
33 Ms Khudiakova herself may , from time to time during the week of the show , model some of the 20 outfits — a red silk skirt patterned with the heads of workers who look as if they are marching when you walk in it , a red evening dress decorated with a swath of flowers reminiscent of the relief on a pavilion in Moscow 's Stalin-era Exhibition of Economic Achievements .
34 Not surprisingly , from time to time , his fatigue shows : the voice cracks , the temper frays , the judgement falters .
35 There is , however , a video of his performance which he is encouraged to play from time to time by his two children .
36 The Labour leader yesterday intoned the word ‘ socialism ’ in a purely ritualistic sense from time to time .
37 My neighbour would patrol his right of way from time to time , an absurdly dignified figure in his familiar DIY boiler suit and woolly hat .
38 So they need fresh enemies ordered up from time to time just to keep their chins jutting .
39 To achieve that target without endless sprawl , local interests will have to be hurt from time to time .
40 Yardley bore all these setbacks with great dignity , afflicted as he was from time to time by a form of lumbago that almost certainly hastened his retirement .
41 You could hardly blame them , though , for feeling bewildered from time to time .
42 In his speech yesterday Mr Lawson dismissed sterling 's troubles as ‘ turbulence ’ of the kind that grown-ups like him , who have seen a thing or two over the years , expect from time to time .
43 ‘ In the world in which we live there are bound to be periods of turbulence on the foreign exchange markets from time to time .
44 This was reiterated from time to time by showing them pages from the field notes and extracts from the data .
45 Their shells had been passing over our positions from time to time all day , with a loud rush that sometimes appeared to shake the trees .
46 From time to time a shell or two falls short and we have several casualties . ’
47 In the semi-darkness the houses around the village and the church in the centre of the green stood out like monuments with their shadows changing their shapes from time to time as a cloud obscured part of the moon .
48 The Allied guns behind us sent a few shells rushing over our heads from time to time .
49 From time to time one of the team got to his feet , went over to a neat pile of mortar bombs , picked one up and slid it gently down the muzzle of the mortar .
50 Wounded were being carried through the trees to the shelter of the farm buildings , the medics stopping from time to time to rest , then continued quickly on their way .
51 The first few days in Bavant were fairly quiet as far as the enemy activity was concerned , with a few mortar bombs coming over from time to time .
52 We march all day , stopping from time to time at the sound of automatic fire somewhere just ahead .
53 I followed the Sergeant out to the office ; we both sat at a small table , and after a very enjoyable supper of cheese rolls we played the chanters until 1 a.m. , pausing from time to time to drink a mug of tea .
54 So far we have looked at the consensual influence of television : at influences that varied from time to time but affected all or most citizens at any one time .
55 From time to time I have had vivid dreams in which the Majestic has again been open for business , the glass cases full of photographs , lit up , with posters advertising wonderful movies covering the outside walls .
56 opinions and principles like [ Wilde 's ] have from time to time manifested themselves all down the course of history , generally in over-ripe civilisations wavering on the brink of decay .
57 At first their mother 's sister had come from time to time but she and Moran had quarrelled .
58 They need to be rooted out of themselves from time to time .
59 Rational arguments and the need for money may keep it submerged but from time to time it is so inflamed that it can no longer be suppressed .
60 They do have a medical examination as part of the process of coming here and in the course of that medical examination it is sometimes disclosed that a woman is or is not a virgin , and that is sometimes noted on the medical report and from time to time some ECO 's have used that piece of evidence in making a decision about the relationship of the wife ; I have always condemned it and by and large it does not happen .
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