Example sentences of "at the [adj] time " in BNC.

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31 I think there are many positive aspects to our relationship at the present time , not the least positive of which is
32 By way of background to what follows , I must first state my position on two related issues , since they are issues that may arise over and over again in the discussion of education at the present time .
33 for it is not just school education that is under fire at the present time .
34 Yet it is inevitable that at the present time of confusion and reform we ask why we should be dependent upon these two great blocks of examinations , at these two particular points in a student 's school career .
35 The various experiments taking place at the present time in the use of graded tests ( for example in the Borough of Croydon ) tend to show that this form of examination would , in all kinds of ways , be preferable to the system we have .
36 It is however a controversial project because of the cost of its electricity and the question as to whether it is needed at the present time despite electricity being the main growth area in the Brazilian energy demand picture .
37 At the present time most public library stock is chosen without any clear idea of the underlying stock needs of the user .
38 Personalities apart , it is convenient that at the present time the following Departments should also be represented in the Cabinet — Home Office , Ministry of Labour and Board of Trade .
39 Katina MacDonald , widow of one of their descendants lives there at the present time .
40 The ‘ fundamental difficulty at the present time ’ , he continued , ‘ seems to be the impossibility of forecasting with confidence the future lines of social organization . ’
41 gold 's value has been maintained over the centuries due to the limited quantity of new supplies ( maximum output , at the present time , 1,000 tonnes per annum ) , only about 100,000 tonnes having been mined since 4,000 BC ;
42 At the present time the Tribunal may only concern itself with the modification and discharge of restrictive covenants , therefore only the restrictive obligations contained in the agreement .
43 At the present time Aran Onshore Ltd. and its partners are exploring an area in the Northwest Basin straddling the border with the Republic of Ireland , while Anvil Petroleum and Energy Sources ( N.l. ) hold licences in the Rathlin Basin in north Antrim and north Londonderry .
44 The gas fields in the northern part of the N.W. German Basin lie in a region where the coal bearing Carboniferous has reached its deepest level of subsidence at the present time ( Barnard and Cooper 1983 ) .
45 At the present time studies directed towards the educational product are being carried out , and long-term evaluation of both the introductory and advanced courses in information retrieval is in progress .
46 At the present time there are nineteen clearinghouses and most of these are state clearinghouses in the USA .
47 ‘ The committee endorses this action by the licensing authority ’ , Goldberg 's letter goes on , ‘ and considers that , in the light of the apparent safety hazard , suspension of the licence is appropriate at the present time ’ .
48 It said that the ‘ benefit/cost ratio of Super-SARA is low and that , at the present time , the risk can not be discounted of substantial cost overruns . ’
49 There seems to be far more scope at the present time for the two generations to become friends .
50 At the present time , the late twentieth century , the world is possessed of an incredible number of organised religions and cults of immense complexity .
51 At the present time there are four unusual breeds that fall into this category — accepted by some , rejected by others — and they are the Scottish Fold cat , the Canadian Sphynx cat , the Californian Ragdoll cat and the American Peke-faced cat .
52 At the present time , only 0.2 per cent of rainforests are protected as national parks .
53 At the present time , the US Environmental Protection Agency is reassessing the safety of three widely used fungicides — maneb , mancozeb and zineb — again with suspicions of carcinogenic effects .
54 The average consumption of fat in the Western world at the present time is about 130 grams ( over 4½ ounces ) a day per person .
55 Are there issues in your relationship at the present time that you resent ?
56 UK airlines are not sponsoring pilots at the present time , but the school is attracting an increasing number of young people , both from this country and abroad , who are prepared to invest something in the order of £50,000 to train as professional pilots …
57 At the present time there are numerous artificial barriers to takeovers sanctioned by the domestic legislation of member states .
58 At the present time it is well served by British Rail , so is mainly a dormitory village for commuters to Hull , Beverley and Driffield .
59 The school was built by public subscription as a National school in 1873 , and was originally intended to accommodate 100 children ; at the present time there are 27 pupils .
60 The Primitive Methodist chapel on Westgate was built in 1871 to replace a smaller chapel on Quaker Lane , and a campaign is in progress at the present time to raise funds for its refurbishment .
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