Example sentences of "he have [vb pp] from " in BNC.

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31 To ask the Secretary of State for Employment what representations he has received from the CBI regarding the draft EC working time directive .
32 To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what recent representations he has received from business men about the impact of regulatory burdens on industry .
33 Bold face : John Birt tells reporters outside Broadcasting House of the support he has received from colleagues
34 Molly 's uncle , Philip , Lord Noel-Baker , one of our Vice-Presidents recently celebrated his 90th birthday and it gives us great pleasure to add our greetings to the many he has received from all over the world .
35 ‘ First of all we will look at his numerical and mathematical ability which he has gained from reckoning areas from odd shaped bits of land and working out the number of trees they will take , and from his mother 's shopping expeditions , and we will reduce these to simple symbolic formulas and tables and make children learn a lot of them very quickly .
36 Even so Edinburgh Academicals have provided Sole with a solid platform from which he has gone from strength to strength , culminating in three Tests and a series triumph for the Lions .
37 He has gone from being totally subdued and unsure of everyone to playing games , just as we used to .
38 While unpacking , he found a chess set ; his father explained some of the moves , and since then he has gone from strength to strength despite the fact that the family has no chess background .
39 From birth he has suffered from severe physical disabilities .
40 Shylock describes the persecution he has suffered from Antonio in Act 1 , Scene 3 , lines 102–104 .
41 Throughout his career he has lurched from one extreme to another , noisy then quiet , a prolific goal scorer then a famine victim , a superstar then a substitute .
42 More ducks arrived , shouting , ‘ He has escaped from his garden !
43 Since then he has operated from various locations and in 1979 was appointed barley buyer for the north of England , based at Knapton .
44 He has travelled from the liberated past , when imagination took power , to the liberation of an interest in fact — a state which may or may not prove to have been , for Roth , partial or provisional , and which The Facts , in its totality , manages to enclose in an ironised uncertainty .
45 Like Mr Kinnock , he has travelled from Land 's End to John O'Groats since 1983 in terms of the policies he believes in , but the impression that abides after his speeches is that he stays loyal to ancient socialism in a way that his more revisionist colleagues have abandoned .
46 But now he has moved from critic to principal player , he may discover the advantages of the business brain so vilified by Raine 's critics .
47 He has moved from being a persecuted minority to a person with full and equal ‘ rights ’ .
48 It is the second fortune he has made from the carpet-retailing business , after being forced out of his Harris Queensway chain nearly five years ago .
49 It is the second fortune he has made from the carpet-retailing business , after being forced out of his Harris Queensway chain nearly five years ago .
50 In four years , he has grown from 16 staff to 40 , and plans to add at least 10 a year for the next three years .
51 He has grown from about 1″ long to 6″ and has developed a beautiful long tail .
52 He has grown from 16.2hh to just under 17hh .
53 Since growing up on the Norfolk coast he has painted from landscape .
54 It 's not just that he has withdrawn from the business of running a diocese , or that he walks abroad a great deal at night but is scarcely seen during the day , or that he often wo n't accept phone calls .
55 And so when you get peace , when God gives his gift of peace , it 's not something he has given from heaven down to you but he says , my peace , I give unto you .
56 Herodotus has long been regarded as a mythographer as much as a historian , for he records not just the bare facts , but the multiple versions of events he has gathered from a variety of sources .
57 Xorandor explains that he lives on radioactivity , that he has come from Mars in search of food , and that he has been stealing the waste to feed himself .
58 Thus when the postmistress asks him if he has come from Mars , he answers ‘ yes ’ because she has just told him the story of Merlin that is a local myth .
59 Member of Clan othel URC and has worked and served as a form of day pastor at Clygarthy URC and he has come from the Anglican tradition Church of England and he has erm over the years towards the reform tradition .
60 This is true especially of the story of his own call to be a disciple , which he has copied from Mark .
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