Example sentences of "be say [prep] [be] " in BNC.

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31 The second section looks at the various legal provisions which can be said to be concerned with certain specific social and moral educational objectives : the law on sex and race discrimination , religious education and collective worship , sex education and the coverage of political issues in the classroom .
32 ( Stimulus A of fig. 5.10 might be said to be enriched , if only a little , by virtue of its ability to evoke the image of X. ) The differentiation theory , in contrast , holds that ‘ percepts change over time by progressive elaboration of qualities , features and dimensions of variation ’ ( Gibson and Gibson 1955 , p. 34 ) , that is , by an elaboration of aspects of the stimulus that are present in it from the outset .
33 I should have screamed at the start — whenever the start could now be said to be .
34 Indeed , contour ploughing , contour brushwood planting , and ditch-and-bund constructions could be said to be types of terrace .
35 Histoire , whilst at one level a transposition of the discontinuity of experience , can at the same time be considered as providing an implicit commentary on the nature of fiction and writing : the text can be said to be formed from a meditation on a collection of postcards which the narrator is sifting through .
36 The Salvationists associated together ‘ for a purpose which can not be said to be otherwise than lawful and laudable , or at all events can not be called unlawful ’ .
37 It could be said to be retrogressive — a return ( retreat ? ) to narrow Victorian child-rearing values — to be writing guidelines on how to encourage obedience and overcome disobedience in the late 1980s .
38 The first might be said to be context- and task-independent : we can understand what a sequence of symbols is meant to represent , without understanding the context within which those symbols might be put to use .
39 Skill in letter-writing is by no means evenly distributed among the population and letter-writers can not be said to be representative of the general population .
40 But such generalizations as these , while perhaps being applicable to a few individuals of each country , can reasonably be said to be prejudiced statements based on inadequate sampling .
41 There is a natural logic to such a structure in that management can reasonably be said to be about making the best use of the resources available and , to this extent , is a normal part of the clinical process .
42 There can be said to be at least three groups of predator assemblage distinguishable by this form of analysis .
43 Thus neither the causes nor consequences of this type of economic strategy can be said to be specifically local .
44 The development of computer-based public access systems to the holdings of one or more libraries , together with advances in online bibliographic searching , have increasingly led to the use of CAI programmes for user training , yet use of CAI programmes can hardly be said to be widespread .
45 As parts of a whole Universe we could be said to be responsible for everything , for we are an active part of an active creation .
46 But for its lack of references , which surely are essential for the chapters on spectroscopy , the book that could be said to be the best is Ralph and Joan Fessenden 's Organic Chemistry ( Willard Grant , 2nd ed ) .
47 The difficulty lies in the fact that the edges are blurred and no one is sure just when youth may be said to be past and the second stage of adult life begun .
48 Well , no one movement can be said to be wrong , it is the repetition of a movement that begins to put a strain upon the body .
49 Only Richard Elliott , Headmaster of the Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb at Margate , and the Reverend William Stainer , chairman of the London Schools Board Classes for the Deaf , could be said to be representative of the dominant system of education then prevailing in British schools .
50 Bukharin 's own theory of capitalist crisis can be said to be one of disproportionality .
51 It is characteristic of fixed capital that it has an assumed lifespan — without taking into account the problem of technological obsolescence — and therefore its replacement may be said to be time-proportional .
52 And , let it be noted , if 1920 marked the high tide of Bukharin 's leftism , then it can be said to be equally true of the Bolsheviks as a whole , Lenin included .
53 No area of the law can ever be said to be easy but the legislation dealing with obscene and indecent publications seems to be unduly complicated .
54 A ley can really only be said to be confirmed if it has been walked for most of its length .
55 All in all , the technology could be said to be qualitatively transforming the threat to privacy which information systems , even manually sorted card indexes , have always posed .
56 When a three- or four-year-old child first comes to school , his real concern could almost be said to be his own identity .
57 As a research project , it could be said to be one of the ‘ old-fashioned ’ kind ; it had to be done on a shoestring .
58 But any magazine that retains a nonagenarian film critic and a weekly cartoonist who has entered his eighth decade can hardly be said to be immature .
59 Our simple macroeconomy may be said to be in equilibrium when aggregate demand ( i.e. the total demand for final goods and services in the economy ) is equal to national income ( i.e. the total value of all final goods and services produced ) : this is often referred to as equilibrium in the goods market .
60 There are those today who may be said to be living as though Pentecost had never taken place .
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