Example sentences of "be [vb pp] to [adj] " in BNC.

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31 Would the amount which would be given to ailing industries be more than taken away from healthy ones ?
32 The ACCA thinks that too much weight is placed on NEDs and that more emphasis should be given to other mechanisms , such as internal audit and control .
33 Consideration would also have to be given to other ways of gaining evidence of the skills implicit in the stated standards .
34 It explains what information should be given to new staff on their first day at work .
35 They demanded that special consideration should be given to new OECD states , such as those in Eastern Europe , to ensure that these did not become a future dumping ground for EC waste .
36 Incentives would also be given to new electricity suppliers .
37 Consideration can be given to producing a leaflet or , for virtually no cost , standard letters can be adapted into information sheets to be given to new and potential clients ( see Chapter 2 ) .
38 But fears that it would be given to poorly educated women or ethnic minorities , without their informed consent , led the Health Minister , Kenneth Clarke , to refuse the drug a full licence last year .
39 A further general concern with the relaxed exclusionary rule in Pepper v. Hart is that , no doubt in an effort to limit the use of parliamentary material , it conflates questions of the admissibility of the material with questions of the weight to be given to admitted material .
40 Instead of a tax Cefic has suggested that help should be given to eastern Europe to help reduce energy consumption .
41 The Director of Education suggested that as the teacher was due to retire soon , consideration be given to possible amalgamation of this school with that at Green Haven , about five miles away .
42 Not surprisingly , older workers themselves had apparently internalized the assumptions which underpin policy , including the priority to be given to young people .
43 In an ideal hierarchy , technical and substantive levels would be congruent ; however , in cases of conflict between the two ( which is , of course , possible only in the case of a branching hierarchy ) , primacy should be given to substantive levels .
44 City council leisure services director John Davies is recommending that more emphasis should be given to encouraging school parties , community groups and other visitors to use the Town Hall .
45 Therefore some early thought should be given to protective covers and storage .
46 Thought has to be given to future integration at the initial design stage , otherwise subsequent integration will be very difficult and expensive .
47 We regret the delay and we hope that the promised publication on Waddilove will be earlier rather than later in the current session , and that the government will take an early opportunity to publish clearer guidelines on its assessment of ‘ national need ’ for opencast coal , and the weight to be given to environmental considerations .
48 These would bear heavily on the Publication Officer and consideration must therefore be given to increasing staffing of the Publication Officer 's ‘ office ’ .
49 Now more than ever , an increasingly mobile and multi-racial society demands that consideration be given to sociocultural factors in communicating .
50 A similar description can be given to various parts of A Month in the Country , such as the scène d'action where the entire cast tries to find the lost key , the exquisite pas d'action of Vera and the Tutor , and Kolia 's excited variation playing with a ball .
51 Thus attention must be given to male motives for using contraception .
52 Moreover , the notice that had to be given to temporary workers was always the statutory minimum ( one week if , as was usual , they had less than two years service ) rather than the extended notice ( often a minimum of four weeks ) which many of the organisations had granted to their regular workforces .
53 The second , and closely related , change is the permission in the Constitution on the Liturgy ( 55 ) for Communion under both kinds to be given to religious and laity in certain circumstances .
54 It would be dominated by Swapo , and two minor deputy cabinet minister posts would be given to small opposition parties .
55 Education has learned to grab with ease but not to reach out and yet there is a good deal of help that can be given to small businesses and voluntary organisations once the idea of level three partnership has been grasped .
56 There is the opportunity to manage and develop the legal function in the most effective manner , deciding which matters should be handled personally , which matters should be given to outside solicitors and whether or when to consult specialist counsel .
57 The new row follows talks last week at which Mr Clarke said that the ‘ firm ’ drug budgets to be given to regional health authorities and family practitioner committees would not operate , as the BMA feared , as cash limits .
58 This generally takes the form of a tailored information memorandum and would be given to prospective purchasers during the course of negotiations .
59 However , in a number of cases the courts have required special notice to be given to individual terms .
60 These include , first , any calls for a radical restructuring of society in which new structures and processes of government are sought which would significantly alter the balance between governors and governed ; second , calls for greater priority to be given to social , community and ecological factors in decision-making and lower priority to be given to economic and technological factors which are geared towards reproducing or sustaining the kind of society that exists at present ; and , third , calls for a significant change in defence policy , for example , a renunciation of nuclear weapons , neutralism or disengagement from military alliances such as NATO ( McAuslan , 1980 , p. 6 ) .
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