Example sentences of "that i [vb base] n't " in BNC.

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No Sentence
31 The other three more closely fit the latter than the former model : Mrs Mitchell 's daughter wanted her mother admitted permanently to the local psychiatric hospital ( knowing that she would not be eligible for residential care because of the severity of her condition ) ; but she also added — ‘ not that I do n't want her at home too — I love my mother — it 's just that the strain is too much for me ’ .
32 My knowledge of this period of history is rather hazy so I am not going to make an issue of it either way , for the simple reason which I suspect is shared by many of you , that I do n't care .
33 ‘ The only reason I do n't punch you , ’ I said , ‘ is that I do n't want to come down to your level . ’
34 I must be honest and say that I do n't think I 'll ever run that fast .
35 Except of course … ’ she broke off to toss back the rest of the whisky and set the tumbler down on Hugo 's desk , ‘ except of course that I do n't suppose I shall be here long enough to make the adjustment . ’
36 ‘ It 's just that I do n't like wasting my energy worrying about things I can do nothing about , ’ Sally said matter-of-factly .
37 I play so much cricket and hockey that I do n't have too much spare time between my studies at university .
38 To date I must admit that I do n't know why they sit tight .
39 ‘ No , it 's just that I do n't like casual affairs . ’
40 ‘ I suppose I mean that I do n't think I ought to have them . ’
41 Please , above all , remember that I do n't know everything ( though I 'm working on it ! ) — I may have to tell you I ca n't help you rather than pretending otherwise and confusing you .
42 Unfortunately there are so many parameters available that I do n't know where to start !
43 ‘ Well , the funny thing is that I do n't know really what it 's like because I 'm not in that little room any more .
44 I also have an ‘ 82 Rick 4001 that I do n't use very much any more — that was my first bass . ’
45 But other than that I do n't really give a shit . ’
46 It 's not that I do n't want to …
47 ‘ What you ca n't accept is that I accept that I do n't know anything .
48 He 's so intelligent that I do n't think he would even take his glasses off before doing it .
49 I have made no secret of the fact that I do n't like the Channel Tunnel .
50 ‘ I 've made up my mind that I do n't want to play league no mater what the money is ’ — WILLIE OFAHENGAUE ( Wallaby flanker ) .
51 ‘ It 's just that I do n't like leaving places — or people , ’ Ruth said .
52 That I do n't know , ’ Ruth confessed .
53 I HOPE that I do n't bump into Jason Donovan backstage .
54 She said : ‘ John has n't told me where he is because he says it 's best that I do n't know , then I ca n't be tempted to tell anyone . ’
55 It 's no secret that I do n't enjoy people stopping and staring at me .
56 Of course , I ca n't let on to my silly wee sister that I do n't know what 's wrong with Mum .
57 ‘ Not a bit , it 's just that I do n't tell anything , you see , and the Community likes that , they feel I 'm part of them .
58 We 're lucky that I do n't have a plastic bubble encasing me , the weather was tested all night , I think .
59 But if , say , they use £ 10-worth of it right away , £10-worth three weeks later , and save the final £10-worth until they 've paid off the check ‘ so that I do n't owe anyone ’ , the true rate of interest works out at about 400 per cent .
60 ‘ Nick , ’ he continued with a tone of wry honesty in his voice , ‘ there are some mighty clever people who say I could be President of the United States three years from now , but what no one seems to realise is that I do n't care about that .
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