Example sentences of "that i [verb] [adv] " in BNC.

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No Sentence
31 It 's just that I du n no I mean
32 Within the increased roads programme that I announced today — a road programme which will have increased by 50 per cent .
33 If we have the same amount of cold weather this winter as we had last winter , we will more or less double the coverage of the benefit as a result of the changes that I announced earlier this year .
34 Is the Minister aware that I welcome both advances which have been made , but it will be obvious to him from my correspondence with the Department that some bullying still goes on .
35 It was a wholly objectionable idea , it was rightly opposed by very nearly everybody who spoke in the debate and the Government has withdrawn from that decision and that I welcome unreservedly but My Lords a great deal that is objectionable remains in Clause two of this Bill .
36 The other event that I remember well was when my Uncle Ned could have made himself a bit of money when a bird was shot down in mistake for a grouse .
37 Very briefly , Peter Davis , North Yorkshire County Council , you raised the issue of procedures looking at the er post two thousand and six scenario within the light of er a statutory greenbelt er at that time , and I would envisage that the County Council and the Districts , if indeed we 're all er in business at er er in in in the next century , would probably want to run a similar sort of exercise that they would be ran through the end of the eighties , and that is to sit down together , er and look at all the options , er that are available for Greater York , in the same way that they did it in ninety eighty nine , one additional factor at that time would be that er the greenbelt would be statutory , and it would be statutory if the County Council and ninety five percent of the district support on sites would be a tight greenbelt so the options would be looked at erm er in that context , on the comments that er Miss Whittaker , erm questions that Miss Whittaker raised , there is a paper that the County Council produced for the greenbelt local plan enquiry that I remember well as N Y Two , which set out in detail the various components , erm of the York greenbelt in addition to the historic title that the that the focus of the green belt comes across a variety of of of of matters , and if it if it is helpful to this panel that document was acceptable by and large , supported by the District , we can certainly put that in , and can circulate it round .
38 Sadly two of them perished before the end of the war and the two remaining , that I remember well , saw the end of the war .
39 Quite unfairly , it was the few who did cause a hiccup in the smooth turnover of the lettings that I remember best .
40 My flower — the one that I remember best out of many — was gathered where I said it had been .
41 The three things that I remember most clearly about Basil were , firstly , his great interest in the development of children 's powers of observation , to help them with their aesthetic expression .
42 It is winter evenings at Eton that I remember most vividly : talking and arguing about anything and everything with friends in front of a coal fire ; sitting in my armchair with my feet up , reading a story by Buchan , Kipling or Conrad , or something by one of the African big-game hunters whose books I was already collecting .
43 I was only there a few weeks and was so bored and anxious to be gone that I remember very little about the place .
44 That I remember very distinctly .
45 And that was where I got the knowledge about the extra money , and that is the only thing that I remember about from him .
46 I blow out so hard that I mist up the windscreen .
47 not that I perceived any longer if the had n't gone .
48 It was with the idea of learning to judge distances that I set out the next morning .
49 So it was that I set out laboriously to catalogue the very schema of my own sanity , to list exhaustively the full range of my personal habits .
50 It was for a number of reasons , apart from a wish to escape from teaching , that I set out some weeks later for Libya , then a country almost entirely unknown .
51 My mother would often phone up around 5 am when I lived near her , and demand that I come over and cook her dinner .
52 I try to arrange things so that I come out feeling happy .
53 This group of people was recognised by the meeting in Tokyo over a year ago , and this is an issue that many people — both my friends and strangers that I come across in collecting or canvassing for Amnesty — ask me about .
54 ‘ It 's not very often that I come down from the pulpit but I feel this would be a genuinely worthwhile exercise , ’ he said .
55 But then you might worry , if I 'm bound to come back down again , how can I guarantee that I come back down into the right erm body again .
56 Sir , i having listened to the discussion nearly two two days , two and a half days , it seems to me that I come very firmly with the conclusion that the A f A fifty nine , the A nineteen north and B one three six corridors are simply not practical .
57 Instead , now that I knew where she was living , I contacted my solicitors and instructed them to start divorce proceedings .
58 Yet it was then that I knew why I had come , for just distinguishable to me against the background of reciting voices , I heard my own voice .
59 As noon approached John adopted a behaviour pattern that I knew well : stretching , scratching , complacently sighing .
60 The wind was high when I knocked at her door , and I heard a voice from within that I knew not what to make of , though it sounded like the lullaby of a Mother to her Baby .
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