Example sentences of "i [verb] [adv] [pron] " in BNC.

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31 It was a great disappointment but I made up my mind there and then that it would be different next term .
32 ‘ It was then that I made up my mind that r would never leave England , ’ declares Lotte Bray ( Lowenstein ) .
33 I made up my mind to say yes if he did , ’ she said .
34 I made up my mind about that long before we had five goals stuck past us at Oldham on Saturday .
35 Quite early , I made up my mind that all I wanted to be was a top flight boxer , to follow Jack Johnson in my own way and become the first black British heavyweight champion .
36 So , I made up my mind from then : ‘ right , I 'll have to stay with the black guys 'cause I am black . ’
37 I made up my mind then that next time I had a baby I would love it .
38 And I made up my mind — " Now Mary Edgar you 'll be terribly sea-sick , " so I was prepared for the worst .
39 But I made up my mind not to move until the battle was over .
40 Herbert Matthews , who was close to the Cuban revolutionaries from the late Sierra Maestra days , wrote that ‘ I made up my mind early in the revolution on the basis of many talks with all the top Cuban leaders that their greatest preoccupation was the conviction that the United States was determined to overthrow the Castro regime ’ ( Matthews : 1969 , p. 171 ) .
41 I made up my mind that we were going to get married , and nothing was going to make me change my mind .
42 As a first step to achieving it I made up my mind , even before I went to Eton , to join the Sudan Political Service .
43 I made up my mind to broach the issue over lunch .
44 As the sun began to set behind the Qutab Minar , I made up my mind to explore sometime soon what was once the most enormous complex of fortifications in all Islam .
45 So I made up my stories .
46 He said : ‘ You miss it coming up to the time , but I made up my mind some time ago to call it quits .
47 I made up my mind , collected them and went straight down . ’
48 ‘ Yes , you are ; and now let me tell you something : years ago I made up my mind never to marry a woman older than myself .
49 Which is why I made up my mind to come and tell you first thing that I could n't think of anyone I 'd rather Naylor married . ’
50 But in 1974 , I made perhaps my most surprising discovery : Black holes are not completely black !
51 I made out what I could :
52 Yes , I could tell from Aunt Nessy 's breathing that she would not recover consciousness ; nevertheless , before I crept out I did kiss her , just in case some little part of her , still aware , should feel it .
53 When I straightened up I heard a slight sound behind me .
54 Somebody 's slipped over and they 've got all the grit in their knuckles in the part of their knuckles and you want to bandage the hand or there 's a cut on the hand , even on the palm , we can do that one later when it 's really , when it 's really a gash , gushing blood we can do this afternoon , I repeat again none of these which you 've done this morning will control severe bleeding , get it into your heads this is just to cover to keep infection out , alright , these are not to control severe bleeding just covering a minor wound or a graze , right ?
55 Erm you 've put me on the spot I do n't I do n't I 've really I 've really got no preference on them .
56 Let , let us leave it till then because I mean otherwise we 're gon na get bogged down in this and whe when we really are briefing procedures .
57 I mean otherwise he should n't be the Managing Director , he should n't be the Chairman of the Board .
58 But if he 's wrong I mean you ca n't just come back and be contentious if you 're wrong cos I mean otherwise you know it 's , it 's of no pr of no work .
59 But I mean otherwise it 's got all the , all the good points in there , it 's a pity that councils do n't have these meaningful names
60 Yes , yes I mean unconsciously they will happen
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