Example sentences of "it be for [pron] " in BNC.

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31 I do n't think it 's for me .
32 But it 's for me too — I got such a buzz out of seeing the kids ’ faces at that show .
33 ‘ Well , now that I am here and can have the tale formally , direct from the prior , it 's for me to join him in sending word to the bishop .
34 Dad it 's for me .
35 It 's for me who put it on .
36 Oh Christ , it 's for me !
37 What he said was , ‘ It 's not for me to say , Aggie , it 's for her .
38 It 's for her .
39 It 's for one .
40 It 's for them to sort out .
41 ‘ It 's in their interests to address the issue and it 's for them to decide whether change is cost effective , but it 's in our interests too . ’
42 But like I said if it if you , if you do that then it 's for them and for yourself but them being up your arse is irritating if you just fucking carry on as if nothing had happened , but you 're aware of the th them doing that then I think it 's a fucking I 've that 's a psychological edge over them anyway it 's just the personalities obviously , but er
43 What a laugh , Modern English merit respect even if it 's for their sheer determination and sense of humour .
44 Well it 's , it 's for their benefit in , in the long run .
45 ‘ Nobody wants to exterminate them but it 's for their own good .
46 I have to be very careful , not for myself only , it 's for everybody else , every other Kuwaiti .
47 It 's for myself .
48 You ca n't tell me it 's for nothing .
49 Yeah it 's for some er it 's for somebody to get a general idea of the kind of things that happen in lectures .
50 It 's for his own good , ’ Dann put in .
51 It 's for you , ’ she said to her husband .
52 It 's for you , ’ I say .
53 It 's for you , ’ Louise said , with a conspiratorial smile .
54 As he made for the door he heard the phone ringing in the hall and when he entered he saw Joe turn from the telephone table towards him , saying , ‘ It 's for you , Martin .
55 ‘ C.W. , it 's for you , ’ she called out , her hand cupped over the mouthpiece .
56 It 's for you and your ex-wife to work out when you see the children ( assuming they 're with her ) .
57 ‘ If it 's for you , you would want to open it yourself .
58 Now this last one here is called Living the Prayer and it 's like the other quite a few of the others , erm but it 's for you , it 's not for not for us it 's not to be shared .
59 It 's for you , ’ he says , striding across the hall towards the phone , where the handset 's lying on the table and an officer is attaching a little device like a sucker to the phone ; a wire leads from the sucker to a pro Walkman .
60 It 's for you , from Sonia Rushleigh …
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