Example sentences of "it be for [pers pn] " in BNC.

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31 It 's for you , ’ Louise said , with a conspiratorial smile .
32 As he made for the door he heard the phone ringing in the hall and when he entered he saw Joe turn from the telephone table towards him , saying , ‘ It 's for you , Martin .
33 ‘ C.W. , it 's for you , ’ she called out , her hand cupped over the mouthpiece .
34 It 's for you and your ex-wife to work out when you see the children ( assuming they 're with her ) .
35 ‘ If it 's for you , you would want to open it yourself .
36 Now this last one here is called Living the Prayer and it 's like the other quite a few of the others , erm but it 's for you , it 's not for not for us it 's not to be shared .
37 It 's for you , ’ he says , striding across the hall towards the phone , where the handset 's lying on the table and an officer is attaching a little device like a sucker to the phone ; a wire leads from the sucker to a pro Walkman .
38 It 's for you , from Sonia Rushleigh …
39 ‘ I do n't think it 's for you , sir , ’ said the postman .
40 It 's for you it 's for you .
41 It 's for you it 's for you .
42 It 's for you , of course , ’ she said .
43 It 's for you , ’ he said , handing it to me .
44 It 's not for me to come to you , it 's for you to get rid of it .
45 It might — it 's for you to decide — be preferable to close Aurae Phiala to the public for some days .
46 ‘ Luke , it 's for you . ’
47 It 's for you . ’
48 Floyd , it 's for you . ’
49 It 's for you Mr
50 Since you will hold the seller 's share certificate until you hand it over to the buyer on completion together with a transfer of it to the buyer , it 's for you to prepare the transfer , unless you send the certificate to the buyer 's conveyancers for them to prepare the transfer .
51 Now lets just close with those words of of Peter , on the day of pentecost , it 's not for other just , he says it 's for you , it 's for your children , and it 's to as many as there are far off , right down through the centuries , as many as the Lord our God shall call .
52 And so it 's for you it 's for me , for the person sitting beside you and behind , it is for every one of us !
53 It 's for you , Juliet .
54 It 's for you , ’ he said , holding his hand over the mouthpiece .
55 It 's for you ! ’ he said smartly , and handed the phone over to her with such promptness that she knew whoever was on the other end was someone important .
56 It 's for you , ’ Jimmy told her , and , when she shook her head , nowhere near ready yet to cope with her job , he mouthed , ‘ It 's Mr Massingham . ’
57 It 's for you , ’ he said tightly , holding out the instrument .
58 It 's very little , all I 've managed to save , but it 's for you to use until I come back .
59 Whatever the answer , Philip will meet you at Strata Marcella when he comes from Isambard , and if the man will not come to terms , then it 's for you to act as you think fit . ’
60 It 's for you with kids .
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