Example sentences of "that [pers pn] give [prep] " in BNC.

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31 Right , here 's one where they give you a little bit of the table This this is a That 's a fairly complicated sort of thing that they give on the table , erm give you the valencies and the
32 It is a book that focuses on the questions that psychobiologists ask , rather than on the answers that they give to them .
33 Erm , one other thing that I want to make about erm , the victims , erm , I am very much er , involved with erm , victim support Wiltshire , and one of the problems with victim support Wiltshire is their work is increasing all the time because the crime rate goes up , and every time there is more crime there is more victims , but the , the Government has not yet said that they will put the money up that they erm , that they er , the grant up that they give to the victim support .
34 Equally remarkably , he made them open their pockets , so that they gave with extraordianry generosity when other communities as far away as Italy suffered disasters like their own .
35 Instead their lasting legacy and major influence was the legitimacy that they gave for local politics to be reduced to urban politics , which in turn consisted solely of issues concerning collective consumption .
36 The reasons that they gave for this varied considerably .
37 By 1989/90 the Exchequer met only 43.4 per cent , with a further 4 per cent coming from a central grant that reimbursed authorities for part of the rate rebates that they gave to poor households .
38 So there is a shortage of hard information in some areas , er , it is a changing situation , and it is one where the Committee is under very clear instruction to extend the alternative care options that it gives to clients , and therefore that again is a complexity in terms of your ability to ensure you 've got adequate funding and are directing it in the right areas in , in order to meet , not only the needs of people out there , but the changing needs and what is , Mike has already referred to as being the preferred solutions erm , many of which have not been available to people in the past .
39 A tangerine that Modigliani gave me — we were in front of a fruit-shop — and another that he gave to his wife : that is my last memory of them . ’
40 Does my right hon. Friend recall the answer that he gave to my hon. Friend the Member for Saffron Walden ( Mr. Haselhurst ) on Tuesday about monetary union ?
41 Has he forgotten , in just an hour and a half , the pleasure that he gave to his own backwoodsmen by telling stories about multiple applications ?
42 Is he able to elaborate on the answer that he gave to the hon. and learned Member for Fife , North-East ?
43 I am grateful to the right hon. Gentleman for his welcome for President Yeltsin 's visit , and for the broad welcome that he gave to the outcome of last week 's United Nations meeting .
44 Er my Lord , the added bit of information that was , that erm was then passed to me was that when the man rang the police station the information that he gave to the telephonist included the fact that the occupants of the flat were frightened .
45 However , Proust 's real originality , on this point , springs from the fact that he gave to the phenomenon of involuntary memory an aesthetic application .
46 As the Prime Minister savours one of his last few busy days before the deluge , will he think back to the dinner that he gave at No. 10 Downing street last November on behalf of the Tory party for what The Sun — I must quote it accurately because it is from The Sun —
47 Great praise has been given to Mr. Baker , the United States Secretary of State , for arranging that conference and so fulfilling the commitment that he gave at the time of the Gulf war , when he said that he and President Bush would do all that they could to bring the parties to the negotiating table .
48 The prosecution finally dropped its charges when Robert McFarlane , National Security Adviser in 1983-85 and thus North 's superior , who was brought before Gesell on Sept. 11 as a test case to decide whether proceedings should continue , declared that North 's congressional testimony had a " very powerful impact " on him and " coloured " evidence that he gave at the original trial .
49 If he had given the speech that he gave at Bayeux in June 1946 a year earlier , he could have turned the October 1945 referendum and elections into a referendum on his own views .
50 The major example that he gives of informalisation is what he takes to be the decrease of social restraints , particularly in the middle classes , imposed upon sexual behaviour and other connected spheres of conduct .
51 It is important to stress that this dispute with Marx does not extend to his analysis of the mode of production or to the significance that he gives to knowledge as a relation of production .
52 Sir John Banham , for instance , welcomed my right hon. Friend 's prudent Budget and the priority that he gives to reducing inflation , while the Institute of Directors said that the Budget was prudent and correct in every way .
53 Erm one thing before we move on do you think there is a distinction or a difference between the outline agrarian land reform which is essentially 's creation , and the speech that he gives at the end of the conference ?
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