Example sentences of "that i [vb base] [pron] " in BNC.

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31 ‘ If you had n't known before , it must surely have occurred to you then , that it was a measure of my besottedness that I let you get away with it . ’
32 You were standing by the boat , demanding that I let you on board , and I felt such a raw , aching need lance through me that it shocked me .
33 May I remind you that I let you go ?
34 ‘ Meaning that I let you kiss me once I realised that was your intention , because I too thought that it would serve a purpose and stop Terry Lewis making any more waves .
35 ‘ But if I 'm honest , I must admit that I regret it now . ’
36 That walk that I 've one That I 've walked it twice , gone right out Glen Baily and right into Glen Shee and down Blackwater , down to the and come along and round in , thirteen mile Maybe twelve or thirteen miles .
37 One of the main purposes of o of a consortium is actually looking at the health needs erm it 's impressions that I 've I actually got o on a number of occasions that I 've er I think involvement in assessing health needs but I 've actually answered anywhere er , and I 'd very interested as to how or what kind of input erm we will be looking to on that ?
38 I 've got another I 've got someone I 'm supposed to ring up and somebody else that I 've I 've got a lesson starting soon .
39 But erm er on on on the figures that I 've I 've submitted , erm we 've already got three of those five districts have got s fairly high affordable housing percentage requirements .
40 It 's just that I 've I mean I want a curtain there as well because otherwise it all looks a bit heavy but I do n't think I could put a blind down there because of the way
41 in the state that I 've you know
42 It 's not that I 've anything against audiences , it 's just that when they 're a blur they 're so friendly — just one big smiley mess .
43 Not that I 've anything against Americans ; far from it .
44 I was only going to say , Chair , that before my time in local government , that I 've mine as an observer each side , er , there was no problem for local authorities to raise a rate , er , there was no restrictions on this , and if they thought they could get away with it politically , they did , and they provided the services , that , that they believed people wanted .
45 I , I just put it on his dinner , cos there 's no way that I squirt it in his mouth , I 'd probably choke him .
46 None of my previous assistants has ever suggested that I change my style of management , and I can assure you that I have no intention of starting now .
47 ‘ Look , I am Simpkin 's right hand man and he believes that I tell him .
48 I 'm going to have some headed notepaper as soon as I can get the laser printer printing out things that I tell it to rather than printing out Courier Ten .
49 And it is with every confidence that I tell you I am sure that this young couple will have a very happy marriage , and I would ask you to join me in wishing them both a long , happy , and prosperous future together .
50 You ken when there , there are , this , this old Mary that I tell you about er , she 'd had smallpox when she was young , she used to be a herring gutter .
51 I ca n't do that I tell you , I mean I do n't mind , do n't get me wrong it 's just that I was the last one back up and I got up there , still got a little bit of to do and they got more than they did
52 It was such an excellent atmosphere that I hope we can make it an annual fixture . ’
53 My first impression of the JMU was that I hope they do n't visit us , ’ admitted Robert Dicketts , South Eastern Society of Chartered Accountants president and partner of Sevenoaks-based Lee Dicketts & Co .
54 In a muffled voice she added , ‘ They had so little time together that I hope they were happy . ’
55 I had beaten so many of my idols that I hope it does n't sound too arrogant to say that I was proud of my performance .
56 Not that I hope it does .
57 ‘ I 'm not sure what to think , ’ Aubrey said doubtfully , ‘ other than that I hope I am wrong .
58 There are so many possibilities for pressed flowers that I hope you find it hard to contain your enthusiasm !
59 And so that I hope that I hope you find that interesting .
60 I , I 've got my views , I 'm sure you 've got yours , and I shall listen later in the morning to the debate , but I would finally say delegates , that I hope you enjoy your stay in Portsmouth , in particular Southsea where most of you are staying if you have a chance go to the rose gardens , have a walk along the sea front there , there it 's magnificent this time of year and a tribute to our staff in our direct works organization for their hard work .
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