Example sentences of "that i [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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31 Charles , her husband , jokes all the time about what I 'm wearing , insists that I join them for formal dinners late at night , and then teases me throughout them because I 've never eaten squid before , and I do n't know what haggis is made of .
32 It 's small wonder that this plateau has claimed lives , since in the weather that I experienced it 's impossible to have any sense of direction at all without the constant use of a compass and map .
33 I loved Tom McMahon too — you must n't be thinking I did n't , that I cheated him , but it was a different sort of love .
34 I delivered what was to be my longest speech of the evening , saying that I gathered he was keen to talk about his role , to talk about Gary .
35 It was just lucky that I spotted it in time and did something about it at such an early age , or God knows what the child might have turned into , with Saul 's soul possessing him .
36 That was the point that I heard him make in Brighton .
37 Playing tunes that bring a smile to my face and a sentimental tear to my eye , for the last time that I heard them was the day of the first Gittel 's wedding .
38 Let me tell the hon. Member for Bolsover ( Mr. Skinner ) that I heard what he said about this matter on Thursday , and I agree with him .
39 And the story that I heard which may not be true that he had he did n't have the wig and gown .
40 Er I just ringing through to say that I heard your er broadcast last week in respect of Carnfield Hall and I went on Saturday afternoon a gentleman named Hugh rang you up .
41 ‘ Except that I heard you threaten to . ’
42 ‘ It was just that I heard it call so I knew there must be one about . ’
43 Even if I 'd told you that I heard it on the local news , I doubt you 'd have taken my word for it .
44 It was just then that I heard it ; a small knocking sound coming from the direction of the cupboard .
45 Put against the letters that I wrote they 've all been sent out .
46 It was on one of these weekend trips to Regina that I wrote my first outside interview for the paper — an interview with John Philip Sousa .
47 This contrasts greatly with another professional publication that I receive which is stodgy and insists on corresponding via an employer 's address .
48 I am not sure now if I ever proceeded to knock ; it is quite possible , given the alarming nature of what I heard , that I judged it best to withdraw altogether .
49 But you who knew me , pass on these words : that I squandered my youth for my country , that while the ship was fighting I kept to my post up in the cross trees and , when she sank-I went down with her . ’ ’
50 If I needed any proof that I bore you , that you do n't care about me — ’
51 No , you do n't : for the simple reason that I suppressed it a few pages ago .
52 It was in the winter of 1987–88 that I announced I was going to race mostly in Britain in Olympic year .
53 ‘ By God , Sally-Anne , your mother said that I spoiled you rotten , and I think that she 's right .
54 ‘ The truth is that I fought what I felt for you for as long as I could , and even after we made love I told myself that I wanted you , desperately , but that you meant nothing more to me than an object of desire . ’
55 ‘ I was so terrified that I fought him all the way .
56 I recall vividly one member of the aristocracy who was in such a state about being interviewed on TV that he insisted that I help him go through a half bottle of whisky first .
57 These recent watercolours , larger , bolder and stronger than his earlier work , pleased me so much when first I saw them that I offered him an exhibition at Abbot Hall .
58 Blair worked on the islands for a number of years and I confess that I envied him .
59 One officer suggested behind his hand that I visit him at his home after work , and in exchange for this little attention he would write me a six-month permis de séjour .
60 What happens when ‘ he ’ moves in and I ca n't work at all hours , ca n't eat when I like , ca n't take a bath any time I like , when he insists that I visit his relatives ?
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