Example sentences of "that [modal v] give [pers pn] " in BNC.

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31 His smile deepened as he added , ‘ I have been told that I am a good lover and I can think of nothing in this world that would give me greater pleasure than to teach you the plaisirs d'amour .
32 But our concern was to find a church in Scotland that would give us the love and teaching that our family needed .
33 Even so , I thought it was worth persisting , trying to get her to remember noises , smells , anything that would give us a clue to where they were taken .
34 He also said the US administration would seek an additional agreement that would give US airlines new access to British airports and confirmed that he hoped a new aviation agreement could be reached this year between the US and the UK .
35 He also said that the US administration would seek an additional agreement that would give US airlines new access to British airports .
36 What would you differentiate that would give you X ?
37 It scampered towards the cat door that would give it access to the bigger house at the end of the row , but suddenly it stopped .
38 Hewlett-Packard Co is crossing itself to ward off any demons that would give it the same misery Sun Microsystems Inc is going through moving from Solaris 1.0 to Solaris 2.0 .
39 For if the student can retrieve an item by dialling a number , he still has to discover what number , and to conceptualize how he might arrive at the correct answer that would give it to him .
40 Ordinary mortals , however , can visit the area overland by a two-mile circular walk from Bullpot Farm that will give them a hint — but not more than a hint — of the marvels beneath their feet and an appreciation of the bravery of the adventurers who dare to descend from the safety and assurance of daylight into a nether world of total and perpetual blackness .
41 All morning the world 's top cyclists will have been reconnoitring the course , selecting their gear ratios and the most suitable of their many bikes , looking at the route for the best way through corners , testing the strength and direction of the wind — looking for anything that will give them that little extra in this first trial of strength , which will be clocked in tenths and hundredths of a second .
42 The method of advertising used will depend largely on the ‘ advertising or marketing budget ’ , but the product can be advertised using several different types of media and the hotel or hotel group will select the method that will give them the best coverage within their financial means .
43 Initially , Aegon will find the additional in a way that will give them a 50 per cent stake in the non-with-profits business .
44 ELTON John and his longtime lyricist Bernie Taupin have signed a contract with Time Warner in Los Angeles that will give them a £26m advance the largest cash advance in music publishing history .
45 So , while you may well have some trait or peculiarity about her that will give her a mark of distinction , this must be something that does not disqualify her from maximum general sympathy .
46 I have a Series III 2,25 diesel and would like an engine that will give me better performance but maintain economy .
47 I have a mind , why ca n't I use it to some good in a way that will give me satisfaction if nothing else ?
48 If St Pancras can in fact be rehabilitated then that will give me the greatest pleasure , ’ he said .
49 Mildew is not so very difficult to stop in the early stages , and there are several fungicides that will give it a severe check — all the chemical manufacturers have their own products and trade names which , like everything else , are constantly being improved and changed — but by far the most important point to bear in mind is that it has to be hit early and repeatedly .
50 Any room is easier to plan , decorate and arrange if you imagine it divided into three basic parts : the background — walls , ceiling , floor , windows and lighting ; the furniture and furnishings ; and the accessories — the personal possessions that will give it personality and character .
51 Will my right hon. Friend join me in congratulating the chairman , trustees and staff of the Aintree national health service hospital trust on the establishment of a new £7 million project that will give it the largest accident and emergency unit in Europe ?
52 Two books that will give you all the details you could wish for on carp fishing are The Carp Strikes Back by Rod Hutchinson ( Wonderdog Publications ) and Carp Fever by Kevin Maddocks ( Beekay ) .
53 How many times have you read or heard someone say ‘ Listen within , listen to your conscience , to that still inner voice that will give you direction on how to live your life and how to overcome its hurdles ’ ?
54 There is no one that will give you the keys to paradise .
55 It may mean some gentle but very straight talking , if your parent does not realise your need to have time alone with your friends , but if you can not bring yourself to establish this right , you will have precious little hope of organising any other social activities that will give you a break from daily routine .
56 This is because the bottom sheet of your bed will be floating on a deep cushion of fleecy lambswool that will give you the most restful , satisfying and sound sleep of your life .
57 Demonstrations of on-line systems and implementation via the all important OSI standard that will give you more than a taste of what is already possible in the Age of Information .
58 First you require a second enlarger , an old anything with a lens , together with something that will give you a reasonably diffused light .
59 Ultimately it is the development that your competitors will make that will give you the opportunity — or the problem .
60 Once you 've exhausted the variations that will give you the step height you need , try different materials , as cutting bricks or walling slabs to give the desired height is not easy .
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