Example sentences of "that [pron] have given " in BNC.

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31 For the reasons that I have given , I am sceptical of the existing system and therefore I rarely speak on such motions .
32 I am glad to have the chance of following the hon. Member for Honiton ( Sir P. Emery ) , the Chairman of the Procedure Select Committee , although I strongly disagree with his suggestions , for reasons that I have given before and hope to repeat this evening .
33 The person undertaking , if required to sign , states : " I understand the undertaking that I have given , and that if I break any of my promises to the court I may be sent to prison for contempt of court " .
34 Good morning , I must say , I I stand before you today somewhat nervous , because erm , this is , this is my first to you as Treasurer , but this will be a slightly different speech from one 's that I have given in previous years .
35 Tell them , what I 've said to you the message that I have given to you .
36 She felt that she had given the whole thing away , that the Hare-woman 's eyes would be able to read all her thoughts from her face and that single word .
37 She passed it off as a joke , furious that she had given herself away .
38 Broadcast on November 23rd , 1982 , the Play for Today , ‘ John David ’ was meticulously balanced in its depiction of the true life dilemma facing the author of the play , Paula Milne , on discovering that she had given birth to a child with Down 's Syndrome .
39 It was in memory of those days that she had given The Bar its first and now largely forgotten name , Babylon .
40 She was detained because the authorities suspected that she had given a Tibetan nationalist flag to a Buddhist monk from Gyurme monastery .
41 Looking at her emaciated body , it was a miracle that she had given birth to him in the first place .
42 At the back of the same red Lion Brand Cash book was a note in his mother 's handwriting to the effect that she had given Peter £1 for pocket money .
43 For the first time since her escape she was very conscious of the fact that she had given birth only a month before and could even fancy she felt a pulling sensation where the fundament stitches had been .
44 It was the first time she had been left on her own and she had managed quite well except that she had given Mrs Prichard , the colliery manager 's wife , short change by mistake .
45 The Magistrate , for example , when told that Mrs Wright had been taken ill , showed no interest whatsoever , and when further informed , a little later , that she had given birth , observed dryly : " I 'm surprised that she had the energy . "
46 In Reg. v. Barrett , 12 J.L.R. 179 , where again the accused applied unsuccessfully for leave to appeal against conviction , the defence contended that the trial judge should have allowed them to see the statement of a witness who had identified the accused at an identification parade 10 days after the commission of the offence , on the ground that , the witness having stated that she had given a description of the accused to the police , the defence were entitled as a matter of law to know the details of that description for the purpose of cross-examining the witness and testing her credibility .
47 I wanted to ask whether she thought her own life unwasted and whether the fact that she had given birth to me was sufficient justification for it .
48 For all the thought that she had given to his ordinary life , Johnny could have been a milkman , for all she cared , or an Insurance broker working in the City , whose daily brush with danger was in trying to cross the road .
49 Feeling that she had given her due of politeness to the curate , the due exacted by her mother and elder sister , she pattered onto Maurice , and , after having a bit of a poke round , shot across the connecting gangplank onto Grace .
50 as if sensing that she had given up fighting him for the present , fitzAlan released her immediately , frowning down at her distraught face .
51 In a series of radio interviews on May 8 Annie Murphy revealed that she and Casey had embarked on a love affair in Ireland in 1973 and that she had given birth to his child two years later .
52 Since she was sixteen she had experienced life , and none of it had been good , except that she had given birth to a daughter and also that she had found out what love was , but had experienced the painful futility of it .
53 Had n't he understood that she had given herself to him for the only reason that made any sense to her .
54 What was even more satisfying was knowing that she had given him that same lesson , not once but twice , this morning when she 'd stunned him by agreeing to see his grandmother on her own time , and last night , when she 'd turned away his advances , and never mind all that pretence about his not being interested .
55 She did n't realise that she 'd given me the greatest gift of all .
56 The frustration of what she could only identify as love for him , plus the fact that she 'd given herself to him so completely , mixed with her suspicion that he was still using her in some way to further his own undisclosed purposes , had engendered a turmoil of emotions within her , among which , she was ashamed and horrified to realise , lurked a certain impulse to exercise violence on his person .
57 I mean I remembered some of it , I , I remember hearing something that she 'd given some bits downstairs
58 I congratulate my right hon. Friend on the carefully targeted aid that she has given to Zambia in recent years .
59 ‘ What matters is that she has given us the most glorious production we have ever had at Hochhauser .
60 I 've got this feeling that she has given it to Sophie
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