Example sentences of "that [art] [noun sg] is " in BNC.

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31 For if you were such a brain , then , provided that the scientist is successful , nothing in your experience could possibly reveal that you were ; for your experience is ex hypothesi identical with that of something which is not a brain in a vat .
32 It should be stressed that the eutectic is a mixture and not a compound .
33 Of the five answers published by Bärenreiter in 1957 , four scholars Hermann Keller , Hubert Unverricht , Oswald Jonas and Alfred Kreutz pointed up distinct differences between stroke and dot ( all were agreed that the wedge is simply a printer 's equivalent for the stroke ) .
34 It will be assumed that the trader is long in the far contract and short in the near contract ( a bull spread ) .
35 It is of course true that in many cases it will be stated that the nave is , for example , twelfth-century , the chancel fifteenth ( with nineteenth-century restorations ) , the north chapel twentieth , and so on , but it will not record the stained glass now gone or the wall monuments which have decayed ( or , obviously , the changes wrought since the booklet was written ) .
36 It was begun about 1077 , the first construction being at the east end , so that the nave is early twelfth century and the façade a little later .
37 For purposes of exposition we shall assume that the surplus-value is divided equally between accumulation and unproductive consumption .
38 Ian Cocking just about manages to persuade the council that the ramp is worth keeping so the ramp is fixed up but a botch job on one piece of coping makes any trick other then just plain rock 'n' rolls virtually impossible .
39 Insist that the salad is served totally undressed .
40 The spiritual isolation , the feeling that the sufferer is " special and different " from other people and misunderstood by them , results in recurrent thoughts of victimisation .
41 Shame : the sense of hopelessness of the disease leads to a belief that the sufferer is not a worthwhile person .
42 It may be recommended that independent psychiatric or psychological assessment is made or that the sufferer is admitted for prolonged assessment over a period of time ( ten days or so ) in daily contact with the group of patients already in treatment .
43 The co-processor using groups of small engines , they will explain , is not a mainframe at all and in fact evidence that the mainframe is a gone gosling .
44 But Bearpark is convinced that the mainframe is not dead ; in fact , he is sure that he ‘ can and will take IBM head on ’ .
45 All in all , he still believes that the mainframe is the only choice for big companies .
46 Amdahl Corp , Fujitsu Ltd and Hitachi Ltd are devastatingly exposed to the new perception that the mainframe is dead meat , and Storage Technology Corp and Memorex Telex NV will have their work cut out getting out from under .
47 Having worked on interview panels with the now defunct ILEA I can say that the object has not been to block the drama school selection so much as to see that the grant is well justified .
48 Notice that the warning is short and behaviour directed .
49 ‘ It is n't that the dress is awful , ’ she finally pronounced .
50 The identification of the particular Mufti involved is a subject more suitably dealt with later , but there seems little doubt that the editor is right in his assumption that the grand caliph is , in fact , the Mufti .
51 In some cases referral is essential , but this chapter will show that for many the CAB is developing specialist in-depth expertise that has turned the tables such that the CAB is now becoming the agency to whom clients are referred .
52 The client knows that the CAB is there for everyone and everyone will be seen if they are prepared to wait .
53 Knowing that the evocation is to be worked at .
54 This is prepared by the pursuer 's agents and is a statement of the pursuer 's case and the defender 's response , now including any alterations known as adjustments , made in course of the Adjustment Period , thus for example , if one has obtained a Medical Report which suggests that the pursuer is exaggerating his injuries and that he should have returned to work earlier than he did , appropriate statement to that effect should have been included in the Adjustment Period and will now be incorporated in the Closed Record .
55 If a definition of postmodernism rests on the removal of subjectivity , then several of the nouveaux romans cited demonstrate forcefully that the subject is a site of contradictions .
56 The good news has to be the fact that the subject is at last being discussed openly .
57 This pitfall can be avoided by ensuring that the subject is covered in an educational programme and by providing long-term follow-up with a system that seeks out those who do not attend the clinic .
58 1 ‘ The way that the subject is taught through the life of the school e.g. health habits , games , school government and self help in building and decorating etc. 2 ‘ The way that the subject taught in school can be related to life in the community , e.g. community health , social service , home vegetable plots etc .
59 Notwithstanding a single impudent win by a mountain biker in 1989 , it would appear that the subject is now closed .
60 If the ‘ feedback ’ process shows that the subject is not acceptable to the other person , it may be dropped or modified or changed .
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