Example sentences of "that [pron] [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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31 the software program from Aldus Corporation that everyone associates with desktop publishing due to its immense success on the Apple Macintosh .
32 Imagine my amazement when , on my first day in the new set-up , I found that everyone fought for attention by dramatizing every event .
33 This step does not necessarily mean that everyone affected by the problem must be identified .
34 So it remains the case that everyone earning over the threshold has to pay contributions on every pound earned , up to the ceiling of £325 a week .
35 Allied to , but different from , acknowledging the need securing commitment is a matter of ensuring that everyone connected with the operation is personally committed to maintaining standards .
36 It is an issue that everyone relates to , and it has never been done .
37 No time is given to setting clear objectives that everyone subscribes to .
38 It seemed that everyone had to be classified according to height and weight so that they would compete against boys of roughly the same size in the school sports at the end of the year .
39 I think that everyone had to be rescued by a motor boat as we drifted helplessly around , vainly splashing at the water with these pieces of wood .
40 They knew him so well that everyone fell into a hush and appeared to move around him on tiptoes .
41 It helps the conversation become familiar , so that everyone feels at home in it , and feels able to contribute to it , without fear of being thought inadequate .
42 At team meetings anyone was welcome to have his say , thereby building cohesion and a feeling that everyone belonged to the unit .
43 But why could n't he rid himself of the eerie sensation that it had already happened , that everyone knew except him , that he was being deliberately kept in the dark ?
44 Taking a summer holiday used to be regarded as a luxury that everyone owed to themselves .
45 She realized that everyone looked at her with new eyes , handling her like a precious piece of porcelain to be admired but not touched .
46 She says that everyone dreams of winning a medal , but at the moment she is just hoping to get there .
47 In order to ensure that everyone keeps to the laws there are specific penalties , such as fines or imprisonment , for those found guilty of breaking the law .
48 This was just as well because the federal structure of the royal family means that everyone keeps to their own province .
49 Members heard there were now no obstacles to building the relief road and that everyone consulted about it was ‘ wholeheartedly in favour . ’
50 So one may take it that everyone receives at least a smattering ; and more flexible A-level and university courses make it possible for people to combine more advanced science with arts subjects in a way that was virtually impossible in my day .
51 There will be two sittings for tea and to avoid chaos we must ensure that everyone goes to tea at their allotted time .
52 The drawback is the cost of insisting that everyone goes for the same type of equipment .
53 But the thing that everyone leaves with are memories of a special holiday experience that remains vivid long after the tan has faded .
54 No-one would argue with the statistics — marriage breakdown has reached epidemic proportion , so the CMAC must make sure that everyone knows of its existence .
55 The one thing that everyone knows about quantum theory is that it contains Heisenberg 's uncertainty principle acting as a limit upon our powers of exact knowledge .
56 So I did n't say , ‘ Okay , I 'm Joe and I can play anything and I 'm going to make sure that everyone knows on every song that I 'm Master Shredder ! ’
57 This I now of course understand , that everyone has to be careful of any drug smugglers .
58 In a school where many support services are offered through contracts or franchises , it becomes especially important to preserve the corporate identity and to ensure , through effective communication and sensitive leadership , that everyone working in the school feels an important part of the whole .
59 During his reign there were no murders , no wars , no robberies , and gold rings lay untouched in the open , so that everyone referred to his age as the Frótha-frith , the ‘ peace of Fróthi ’ .
60 He said the figures , ‘ implied that everyone removed from a hospital waiting list has been treated when blatantly that is not the case .
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