Example sentences of "if it [is] [verb] " in BNC.

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31 It seems then that a Romalpa clause will , if properly worded , work in the case of unmixed goods and the proceeds of sale of unmixed goods , but that in the case of mixed goods ( and their proceeds of sale ) will work only if it is registered as a charge created by the buying company .
32 An alternative procedure which appears to be acceptable to HM Land Registry is to apply for office copies of the registered title ( Form 109 ) ; this incurs the same fee ( £8 ) as an index map search , and following the Land Registration ( Open Register ) Rules 1991 it is not necessary to specify the name of the proprietor ; if the land is not registered the application will be rejected , but if it is registered the receipt of office copies gives the opportunity to check the charges register for mortgages .
33 The latter examines the complaint and , if it is justified , calls the refereeing panel together to make them aware of what has gone wrong .
34 This entails , as was pointed out above , that disobedience to a law is justified only if it is justified by an existing legal doctrine to that effect .
35 Rechem believes the results to be unscientific , and under the new agreement will be able to append its own commentary to the council 's existing document , especially if it is to form part of a submission to the European Commission .
36 If it is to form part of science , an hypothesis must be falsifiable .
37 Equally the nature of the various styles , high , middle and low , needs more elucidation than it gets in this book ( cf. pp. 70 – 71 ) if it is to form a central plank of the discussion of lexis .
38 Critical consents are those which it is essential for the purchaser to obtain if it is to conduct the business after completion .
39 Just as each human-being should bathe regularly , so the temple idol , if it is constructed of metal or stone , is bathed daily , several times a day or once a week .
40 If it is secured by assets — usually a house — then if your other resources are insufficient for repayment , the lender is entitled to seize your home .
41 The fiduciary relationship , if it is to exist at all , must accommodate itself to the terms of the contract so that it is consistent with , and conforms to , them .
42 If it is invested in physical capital for the public sector or used to retire outstanding government debt , it is not at all imprudent .
43 An Amoeba lives in the left-hand commode , but will only attack if it is disturbed .
44 But if it is repeated too often the incessant jigging of hands makes the audience restless , too .
45 ‘ A bad argument remains a bad argument even if it is repeated a thousand times . ’
46 This is a very important page for telling you what is covered by the book and , if it is subdivided , how the topics are related to one another .
47 ( The discrepancy could perhaps be explained if it is assumed that there is also a weak preference to continue with the first-named character . )
48 Indeed , perceptual constancies are only a puzzle if it is assumed that the visual system acts like a camera .
49 Nor does the arts/science distinction make much sense in terms of graduate employment , if it is assumed that the distinction is based on a simple non-vocational/vocational one or ‘ non-relevant/relevant ’ one .
50 But the Belfast and Edinburgh situations are abnormal and irregular only if it is assumed that the patterns revealed in the New York City study are the normal and regular ones , and that Labov 's findings on the structure of that speech community are universally applicable .
51 If it is assumed that the system of corporate enterprise is the most efficient system for the creation of wealth , should it therefore be concluded that corporate power is legitimate ?
52 An alternative approach is to measure share price changes ; prices at any given time reflect the market 's estimate of future performance and if it is assumed that this estimate is reliable then a comparison of ‘ before and after ’ figures should provide an accurate guide to the change in earning potential brought about by merger .
53 If it is assumed that this country had achieved the minimum level of industrial development by 1850 , then the available circumstantial evidence suggests that by then about 70 per cent of the working class had achieved basic literacy rates .
54 If it is assumed that the age structure of the inward flow and the outward flow is similar and that those who leave continue to reproduce at the same rate as those of a similar age who stay then an estimate of the number of births to women who leave can be made ( table ) .
55 Even if it is assumed that actual bodily harm has been inflicted in these circumstances , the defendant has inflicted it during intercourse but has not inflicted it in order to have or continue having sexual intercourse .
56 If it is assumed that the expected volume of output is roughly equal to that experienced in the previous year , , then the higher is , the greater will gross investment tend to be .
57 If it is assumed that v t and t are normally distributed , it can be shown that the ratio is distributed as an F-variate with g and n - k degrees of freedom , where g is the number of restrictions , n is the number of observations and k is the total number of coefficients being estimated in the unrestricted model .
58 This can be seen to be in accordance with the Yerkes-Dodson law if it is assumed that more difficult tasks are those which require greater attentional capacity ( c.f. Kahneman , 1973 ) .
59 There is a metaphysics of ontological realism underlying the conception of variable analysis , if only to the extent that it makes sense to talk of indices only if it is assumed that they " stand for " something .
60 If it is assumed that basolateral Na + -K + pump activity increases during acid secretion , K + entering the cell must recycle across the basolateral membrane to maintain intracellular K + concentration , and a basolateral conductance has been shown in Necturus and frog oxyntic cells .
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