Example sentences of "if [pron] [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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31 With me it would if I if I even had one drink going on stage , I 'd be terrified .
32 as if I even knew the meaning of the word !
33 ‘ I do not know if I even have strength enough to regain the shelter I have just come from … ’ and her wings seemed to weaken by the second and her eyes to be pained .
34 It was n't as if I even wanted to sit down and write in the first place .
35 And er if I just run through them in in the amended version as I understand it .
36 If I just walk across , you 're sitting there , and just kick someone is it justified ?
37 Probably better if I just stay at work and come and pick me up .
38 If I just draw the carbon skeleton .
39 If I just take the serviettes I could ask her if they were obtainable .
40 Erm there are , however , and a number of other valid objections erm if I just mention them very briefly so as to save time .
41 So what if I just go .
42 Do you mind if I just go on in the way I 'm used to ? ’
43 And in terms of vehicle operating costs savings , if I just go back to the top of that page , the inner routes again perform well not not so not so well or better ?
44 And if I just go to clean and erm
45 I think the process that I 've just explained would allow that anyway , because what I would do , if I just go back over it again , supposing for argument 's sake by the end of February we 've agreed which one we think it 's going to be , we then I then go to the home .
46 Therefore , if I just looked at some of those policy teams that I referred to in my presentation , I would expect , and it 's happening , that we would be taking on board , in each of those policy teams , the policy development work that 's applicable to Europe .
47 ‘ Even if I just get one of my feet in the wrong position it really messes me about and it 's easy for that foot to just flick off the peg . ’
48 Right it goes to show it 's working so if I just get rid of the earphones .
49 He says if I just brought a dog then I can figure out how it was before with our ancestors , that without anything they were imprisoned .
50 Mind if I just use your room ?
51 Okay now while you 're explaining is it all right if I just use your toilet ?
52 I find I can easily put things into perspective , see both sides of an issue , if I just sit around for a while and I probably do that for half an hour a day .
53 That 's , that 's just like me that is , if I get into a rhythm and someone gives er , I can do it then , but if I just sit on a page , I think oh how do you do that ?
54 and Clifford , no Clifford said , the lads to each other are we going out again dad you know cos oh Margaret was in , yes , and there was some other boys , the boy across the road was eating something and the boys said and Clifford said do you mind if I just sit in the chair and be quiet for just a few minutes and he just sat in the chair and had his heart attack
55 Well it does n't really matter where , if I just tell you where , it does n't matter where on there .
56 I know it sounds stupid , but it , like , made me feel better than if I just smoked a joint with it .
57 S erm I need if I just put C A O H two
58 If I just put a point then I measured up to there
59 The reason that I put code four , is if I just put labels on the list , I know that I can not complete that task today .
60 I could if I just pick up one other point about you know , like the the non-standard times , or the non-standard occasions when we do fire evacuations currently er , I do n't know where we think the fire is but we all troop out via our normal fire exits and to our normal assembly ports erm , it maybe men , maybe an idea to do some fire evacuations where we stayed where the fire actually was and people have got to take other other routes to evacuate the building .
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