Example sentences of "can be [prep] [adj] " in BNC.

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31 But I remembered how cruel children can be to small animals , and I did not want the boy to take his revenge on me .
32 The references can be to other parts of the same book , to another textbook or to your own Shelfold notes ( see chapter 4 ) .
33 What is remarkable is how impervious a government can be to changing public opinion when insulated from the threat of political defeat by a substantial parliamentary majority .
34 A recent exchange between young Scottish and French women has demonstrated how adaptable SCOTVEC modules can be to European projects .
35 To an extent , the use which the old can be to younger people is determined years earlier and is to do with the sort of people which they always were and their relationships with others .
36 That in itself emphasised what value he can be to United — his sheer danger and menace forces the opposition to follow him , which inevitably creates space for others .
37 I have just indicated one way in which criticism centred on the theory dependence of observation can be to some extent evaded by the inductivists , and I am convinced that they will be able to think of further ingenious defences .
38 The insults or stresses which cause the imbalances and so give rise to disease can be of two types :
39 pointed out in the Court of Appeal , for present purposes such benefits can be of two kinds .
40 Observation materials can be of two kinds .
41 Whilst our schools and colleges are offering some of these courses , traditionally the bulk of such courses are to be found in the county Colleges of F.E. They can be of one year duration or provide a route either to higher education or more advanced professional qualifications .
42 When considering the effect of outside influences , two aspects can be of crucial importance .
43 While academic literature is full of material on officer-councillor relationships , relatively little is known about relationships between departmental chiefs within the same authority , but these , obviously , can be of crucial significance .
44 The political moment — that period when moral attitudes are transformed into formally political action — can be of key importance in nuancing the regulation of sexuality , and at crucial times a moral schema has been of prime significance in political propaganda .
45 The theory is nevertheless of a sort which can be of real use in a classroom .
46 Quite the reverse , these become the trusted friends that truly understand and can be of real help in time of trouble .
47 The retreat movement is only just beginning to establish itself north of the Border and I feel strongly that a quiet space can be of real benefit in today 's hectic and stressful lifestyle . ’ ‘
48 This is because classical beams of radiation can be of arbitrary weakness .
49 It can be of higher breaking strain than the kiteline itself , as weight and drag will have only minimal effect on performance .
50 ‘ Tony , ’ he said , ‘ I do n't think I can be of much help to you .
51 I do n't think you can be of much help to me , Doctor .
52 The basic framework can be of 75 x 50mm rough sawn timber , clad either side with sheet plasterboard .
53 Besides possessing rust-resistant properties , stainless is a very strong metal and the blade can be of thinner gauge than normal steel while still possessing the same strength .
54 If you live far from any natural source of running water , an ornamental fountain in a park or garden can be of equal value .
55 The traveller or stranger can be of equal status ; this allows you to ask particularly useful questions in role : " How do you organise your meetings ?
56 Indeed , it may very well be an area where some programs can be of immediate and wide-ranging use to teachers .
57 Perhaps we can be of greater help by standing further apart from the new colossus , bridging the world with our American , African and Asian connections , as well as greater European contacts .
58 Tanks for hard water can be of cast iron or sheet steel , but for soft water the sheet metal has to be protected by bituminous or plastics coatings .
59 Control formats based on escape sequences can be of indefinite length , and page description languages can be extremely powerful .
60 The Court felt that , ‘ Such information can be of tremendous historical value in demonstrating what agency personnel were involved in making a particular policy decision and what officials knew and when they knew it . ’
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