Example sentences of "i can [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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31 I can tell him , however , that over the 1980s GDP per head in this country rose at an average rate of nearly 2 per cent .
32 As he has asked , I can tell him that , were there to be a cut of £6 billion in the defence budget , the vast majority of those jobs in Lancashire would go and factories would close .
33 I can tell him precisely what will be there .
34 I can tell him that Nottinghamshire county council 's balances are more than adequate to deal with those old people 's homes , without touching any other departmental budget .
35 I can tell him that , if we had been involved in the process during the years in which this Government were involved , proper priority would have been given to the very stipulations that we laid down some time ago about convergence , the accountability of institutions and the need for a change in regional and structural funding — as well as several other considerations , some of which are now contained in article 2 of the treaty .
36 That represents sixty percent of secondary schools and seventeen percent of primary schools and despite the er endeavour to which he refers of Essex county council , I can tell him that the latest school to decide to hold a ballot on such status is Notley High School , Braintree .
37 The er honourable gentleman 's question appears to be founded on a rather curious premise , er what has what has happened what has happened to electricity prices is that have fallen six percent in real terms over the last two financial years and if he wants to know another interesting statistics I can tell him .
38 Thirdly I can tell him that eighty percent of prescribed items are now free of charge compared with sixty percent in nineteen seventy nine .
39 Fourthly , fourthly I can tell him that prescription charges will raise nearly three hundred million pounds in the forthcoming year .
40 Fifthly I can tell him that that will pay for over two hundred thousand cataracts operations or over seventy thousand hip operations and sixthly I will ask him to tell me where he would find the money .
41 ‘ He proved today that he is very fast but I can tell him that tomorrow is not going to be so easy , ’ said Fittipaldi , who clocked 101.472mph .
42 I can tell him tomorrow .
43 And here 's me , fuck I wish you 'd keep your fucking trap shut so I can tell him what it is !
44 I can tell what they are walking on , maybe ; perhaps whether they are going upstairs or downstairs .
45 I guarantee I can tell what kind of actor a person is if I hear them do ‘ Three Blind Mice ’ . ’
46 I can tell what 's going to happen before it happens .
47 ‘ You know , Charlie my boy , from the way you says that I can tell what you really want is the dirt .
48 ‘ All the other variations require a horizontal position , and I can tell we 're not quite ready for that . ’
49 I can tell we 're in Wales .
50 People will show great sympathy , I can tell everybody that .
51 All I can tell you with certainty is that I , for one , have no self , and that I am unwilling or unable to perpetrate upon myself the joke of a self .
52 And I can tell you why .
53 Sir William and her Ladyship have been noticing things , I can tell you . ’
54 ‘ Well , we 'd never have called France ‘ gallant ’ , I can tell you .
55 ‘ Anything that I can tell you , Inspector , I will , but my acquaintanceship with Mrs Iverson in the event was brief . ’
56 When I insist on that priority , as I can tell you I most certainly will — with the full support of the Prime Minister in doing so — then I 'm sure my colleagues will see the point of that .
57 But Mr Bullock said : ‘ I can tell you that the name belongs to us . ’
58 She was a nasty mess , I can tell you .
59 ‘ Your generation just was n't educated , Pop , but I can tell you I hardly know anyone who does n't read French .
60 ‘ Set me back , I can tell you .
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