Example sentences of "i know [adv] [pron] " in BNC.

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31 ‘ How would I know where we 're going ?
32 ‘ Might I know where we 're going ? ’
33 ‘ How should I know where they are ? ’ he went on .
34 ‘ How would I know where your cousin is ? ’ she shot back at him .
35 How do I know where his money comes from ?
36 ‘ How will I know where you 're staying once you reach Zimbala ?
37 Did I know where you were living now ?
38 He said he 'd just come back from Amsterdam and he had tried some and said it was great and did I know where he could get some .
39 ‘ Who is ‘ he ’ , and why should I know where he is ? ’
40 Take Lao-Tse 's celebrated question : ‘ If when I was asleep I was a man dreaming I was a butterfly , how do I know when I am awake that I am not a butterfly dreaming I am a man ? ’
41 How do I know when I 've found a sett ?
42 How will I know when I 've done it ?
43 How will I know when my daughter is approaching puberty ?
44 ‘ How will I know when it 's in the right place ? ’ he asked .
46 When he came back he looked very grave and said , " Great king , I know well what sorry news it will be to you , but the cause of your sickness is those very lettuces by which you set such store . "
47 I know well we could have found out quite easily .
48 I know well it 's not your do n't wan na open the door and ca n't open the door properly cos the bed 's there , one step and you 're on the bed .
49 I know well he was growing it were n't he ?
50 I thought to myself when it was erm , advertised on television , I thought I 'll tape that I bet I know well you 'll be interested in that .
51 I know well you 've had your breakfast and your lunch here .
52 I know well I do n't , go and get a cloth and clear up the mess that you 've made .
53 I know well I was like this in n it ?
54 I know well I have n't got much commonsense
55 I ca n't see your face when you sit in that comer , ’ said Bella. ‘ — You thought the world of that Simon , did n't you ? — I know just what it 's like .
56 " I know just what you mean . "
57 I know just what you mean , ’ he nodded .
58 ‘ Now I know just what Mark went through .
59 ‘ So far I am lucky , but I know sometime it will happen . ’
60 Aggie made no reply to this , and the child remained quiet until it was evident that she recognized the entrance to the area , for she exclaimed , ‘ Oh ! now I know where we are . ’
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