Example sentences of "i [vb mod] [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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31 Then perhaps I may believe I am not dreaming ! ’
32 I may believe it is possible that the dead Giselle really did communicate with Alberic , but that in fact she did not .
33 ‘ If I climb up I may get him , ’ Penny said to herself .
34 He said : ‘ I have never seen Downey 's picture but I would think I may know him .
35 After we 've discussed the appointments , I may need you to do a — few letters . ’
36 I may need you . ’
37 Who knows when I may need you ?
38 I may need you to show me where things are , ’ she turned to Jill , ‘ but the rest I can manage , even if I have to bluff my way through . ’
39 On the contrary , I am wondering how I may reward you
40 Just before we go we are going to hear a recording of a song that 's been referred to which I think is called the greatest love of all which I 'm told we 'll all know by heart er this time next year hmm erm anyway on that note if I may thank you very , very much indeed and I leave you with best wishes for a highly , highly successful birthday year .
41 ‘ Frank , kindly remove your hand or I may remove it myself .
42 If I may broaden it away from erm the Cardinal Newman School and think probably of a lot of East Sussex Comprehensive Schools , I think we have all been , in the schools , in the last few years , working hard to establish this openness , and I think that the closed concept of the school , the school that locks children out at break or locks children out at dinner time , which only allows parents to come in for a phoney Open Day when there are a few children there , they are things largely , I think , of the past and they are the closed society .
43 I 'm particularly concerned perhaps if I may ask her to show some concern for this herself that the remoteness of the newspaper library , way up in the rustic further regions of the Northern Line , the great virtue of the existing site is that 's on the Inner Circle , the accessibility of this site is really its greatest virtue .
44 If I may ask you about the window ?
45 Nothing in between you do n't have to revise , even if you know next week I may I do n't know , I may ask you to get on with unit seven .
46 ‘ Then I may see him ? ’ said Philip , promptly securing at least this concession .
47 I wish I may see it ! ’
48 I may see you on the same plane . ’
49 I may see you in the shop one of these days . ’
50 I am enclosing tickets for the new play and as they are in the front stalls , I may see you as I come on , ; but do not expect me to salute you , you understand , as I shall be taken up with my part .
51 I may fire him , as I 've told you . ’
52 I may call you by your pen name , yes ? ’ he added .
53 ‘ Perhaps I may call you there ? ’
54 ‘ Mary — if I may call you that — yes , I have indeed some strange intelligence .
55 A slight lift of one winged brow the only sign that he was amused by her deliberate omission , he went on , ‘ Well , then , Luce — I may call you Luce ? — what would you like to know ? ’
56 If the house was above the road , it came from it , and cross 'd the way to run to another ; if the house was below us , it cross 'd us from some other distant house above it , and at every considerable house was a manufactory or work-house , and as they could not do their business without water , the little streams were so parted and guided by gutters and pipes , and by turning and dividing the streams , that none of those houses were without a river , if I may call it so , running into and through their work-houses .
57 I will want to come back on the same point that 's just been made , but if before I get to that there are some other points that I think I should make in explanation of the lead we have given , if I may call it that , in putting forward the distribution of the Greater York total .
58 Erm , I 've written it out here if I may read it .
59 I did n't ring your family with the sole intention of provoking another of your temper tantrums , however entertaining I may find them .
60 For this alone , I may find it in my heart to forgive her .
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