Example sentences of "i [vb mod] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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31 I may change my mind . ’
32 Breathe on me breath of God , fill me with life anew , that I may love what thou dost love , and do what thou wouldst do .
33 If I may refer you back to your note of our meeting on 18 January you recommended a more hardline wording for 15.1 and 15.2 on the main course , which ( given the less-direct competitive nature of the components ) we were willing to go more gently with on the video and Activity Book .
34 the authority if I may refer you to it is the recent report of the British er Columbia Supreme Court erm courtesy of professional negligence er in the updating section it 's a a .
35 The other possibility er is that having read it the site visit that I will have made , in any event , either already or or at some time during the latter part of next week , I may discover there is something which one of the parties points out which I have n't looked at because I did n't realize that it was relevant .
36 And then in the last sort of seven to eight years , it starts to decline quite rapidly because you 're actually paying off the capital at that stage , and th that 's where I may meet somebody at say fifteen years , they thought their mortgage would run to age sixty five and they actually retire at sixty , they 've got five years left and they 're about there .
37 ‘ Anyroad , Bob 'll already have set off and I may meet him up on t'tops . ’
38 You will think me discourteous , but perhaps I may excuse myself by explaining that it is the discourtesy of grief . ’
39 More literally translated that verse runs like this : ‘ I may cover his face with the present that goes before my face ; and afterwards I shall see his face ; perhaps he will lift up my face . ’
40 ‘ Miss Kenton , I wonder if I may draw your attention to the fact that the bed linen for the upper floor will need to be ready by the day after tomorrow . ’
41 I may want me to go and do it now ?
42 ‘ This is the most honourable place I may lay her , ’ Ilbrec said , low .
43 Now , please have Red Sixteen sent for , so that I may inform him of my decision . ’
44 Bartram had insisted that this differed from the candleberry , Myrica cerifera , while Miller had found other authors ranging it with the Liquidambar , ‘ so I shall be much obliged to you , if you can send me a perfect specimen , that I may determine its proper genus . ’
45 Then perhaps I may believe I am not dreaming ! ’
46 I may believe it is possible that the dead Giselle really did communicate with Alberic , but that in fact she did not .
47 I need to be able to see the path ahead in order to plan my route well in advance , or else I may get myself into an awkward position .
48 ‘ If I climb up I may get him , ’ Penny said to herself .
49 What is your name , wife , that I may know whom to thank ? ’
50 He said : ‘ I have never seen Downey 's picture but I would think I may know him .
51 If you do decide to keep this fish , and have difficulty obtaining stock , then I may know someone who has one or two to spare …
52 After we 've discussed the appointments , I may need you to do a — few letters . ’
53 I may need you . ’
54 Who knows when I may need you ?
55 I may need you to show me where things are , ’ she turned to Jill , ‘ but the rest I can manage , even if I have to bluff my way through . ’
56 My conscience tells me that I owe it to God to be grateful to my father , who has spent his time unwearyingly upon my education , so that I may lighten his burden , look after myself and later on be able to support my sister …
57 that I may fear your name .
58 ‘ I hope I may trust your honour even that far ! ’ she shouted after him .
59 On the contrary , I am wondering how I may reward you
60 I may spend my days in a welter of silks and satins , but I 'm not an entire moron , you know . ’
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