Example sentences of "i [modal v] give [pron] " in BNC.

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31 I might give you a name one day and the next day the vacancy would be filled .
32 Were you for instance more comfortable with a Mother fixation , I might give you a Catholic programme or a Russian Orthodox icon system .
33 Never know ; I might give you some more . "
34 Dangerous thing to say we 've already said , but preparing notes is lastly down to yourselves , I might give you a few tips on that .
35 I might give you a ring later and say can you have Aaron
36 I might give you one to do it next week .
37 So er , I might , I might give our Mark a ring and see what he 's got in there .
38 In warm I might give my hair a wash .
39 I 'll give ya a chance .
40 yeah , oh I 'll give ya the rest of them there are
41 ‘ Well , Deirdre 's a determined girl once she 's set her mind on anything , I 'll give her that .
42 ‘ Well , I 'll give her the other half-crown out of my pay . ’
43 Tell Laura , and I 'll give her a call myself . ’
44 He banged his hat on and stumped off through the courtyard , muttering , ‘ I 'll give her testify … ’
45 At least she did n't gossip , I 'll give her that .
46 ‘ She came back again when the baby was born and for a few months she tried , I 'll give her that .
47 I 'll give her a ring , ’ said Uncle Albert .
48 I 'll give her a sedative before I leave .
49 I 'll give her a dose now , a small dose , and if you have to give her some tonight make sure it 's a very small amount . ’
50 But I 'll give her back her beauty . ’
51 And while she 's here , I 'll give her the instructions she 'll need to keep things running smoothly while I 'm away . ’
52 I 'll give her that . ’
53 I 'll get in touch , I 'll give her a ring , because we actually , we were looking erm out of the twelve of you altogether we were looking for six of you to actually have your feet washed on Maundy Thursday evening at the , at the , the mass at the service on Maundy Thursday evening .
54 Devastated I may be , but I 'm damned if I 'll give her the satisfaction of hearing me beg for mercy .
55 We 'll see , ’ is the best I 'll give her .
56 I 'll give her a call and find out . ’
57 Tell you what : I 'll give her a call and say you 'll be writing , okay ? ’
58 She had a head on her , I 'll give her that .
59 She was fit , I 'll give her that .
60 She was direct , I 'll give her that .
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