Example sentences of "around the corner " in BNC.

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61 Around the corner from the flat was a roaring famous bar and house of fights and dope called the Nashville .
62 Just around the corner to the right and then first right and — ‘
63 The size and price of Sharp 's range of pocket LCD TVs confirm what a nonsense it is to predict large panel screens to hang on the wall are ‘ just around the corner ’ .
64 Walking around the corner is a wilder area , which is enclosed by trellis made of stout poles and hung with a most bewildering variety of clematis .
65 I was a bit worried about how the string-balance would work out on this guitar , since the pickup has to be bent around the corner on the Lowden 's split-saddle channel , but everything 's fine .
66 They began a three-year love affair , but were not to marry until he had enjoyed the full fruits of the fame that was just around the corner .
67 But just around the corner , Death was lying in wait for Dustin once again .
68 In this case , chose an appropriate combination of lines to finish with , so the design continues around the corner .
69 Most of the main roads are in good condition , but driving can be very tiring as there are many bends , and most of the roads are built onto the mountainside with deep ravines dropping away below , and you never quite know what 's around the corner — be it a bus straddling the centre of the road to take a corner or a group of children playing football in the road .
70 If the Doors comparisons are to be believed — which they are not — success is only around the corner if the amount of hype for Oliver Stone 's movie is anything to go by .
71 Old ladies trapped in time imagine they are in 1929 and love 's first blossoms are just around the corner , an old man feels angry and cheated that 40 years of his life have disappeared .
72 For every emotive vocal outburst from the strained tonsils of Paul , there 's a feeling that reality is fast vanishing around the corner of The Franks ' collective mind .
73 That one or two might make enough money to pass as legitimately successful , but that most would go on hoping for and talking about the ‘ up for none touch ’ that was just around the corner if only this and that fell into place until they became little more than saloon-bar bores .
74 Hardly was he around the corner than the man in the parked car climbed out , crossed the road and let himself in to the apartment-block .
75 QUINN HAD DROPPED the attaché case into the open back of the Golf only thirty seconds after swerving around the corner of the street containing the apartment-block .
76 I forgot eggs , ’ he called , and scampered off down the stairs to get some from an early dairy around the corner .
77 There is unfortunately no miracle cure for leg ulcers around the corner ; community staff must be prepared to handle them in the most efficient and effective manner possible .
78 The only oddities were the ( apparently quite normal ) clouds of smoke exuded by the Marbore IIs on shut-down and the speed with which the fuel bowser zoomed around the corner to refill our tanks .
79 UNLESS you live in their village , town or just around the corner from one , it is unlikely you have ever heard of the six people on this page .
80 Like Chelsea , Howe has suffered adversity but good times are surely just around the corner in the New Year .
81 Our politicians still speak of help coming just around the corner , but in the inner cities of England and America , among the chronically unemployed , among the young faced with the long-term prospects of AIDS or the imminent threat of annihilation , there is little talk of hope .
82 When Nicolae Ceauşescu first arrived in the city , Bucharest contained a dazzling array of buildings of all styles : examples of its older Balkan heritage could be found side by side with grandiose business palaces in the style of Central Europe 's Griinderjahre of the 1870s , with Art Deco and Cubist designs around the corner .
83 There is no notable deceleration , but I do n't know that my mind was recording anything but fear , nor is there any particular screech or roll , but suddenly we 're around the corner and accelerating down towards the tunnel and Jackie 's saying , ‘ You can relax now , Keith . ’
84 He moved down the corridor and around the corner , where two more armed guards stood , alert , against either wall .
85 We stayed at Makerstoun from 1966 to 1978 and then , while keeping Makerstoun for weekends , bought a property in Edinburgh ; a neat terraced Regency house in Upper Dean Terrace on the Water of Leith , just around the corner from Raeburn 's lovely Ann Street and a few hundred yards downstream from the house in Belgrave Crescent where I was born .
86 Mechanical propulsion presently ranges from steam , through the various petrols and oils to gas and electric , with nuclear or magnetic etc. vehicles around the corner .
87 After examining the photographs , Mr Hayden recognised William Terris who had been murdered in about 1900 in The Strand which lies just around the corner from Covent-Garden Underground Station .
88 The Manchester Business School and Cambridge University both reckon that the boom on the high street is just around the corner .
89 You may not know this — I 've studied sleeping , around the corner at the local college — grinding 's the result of too much stress .
90 Wagamama is around the corner from the British Museum , through a discreet glass door , past a sand-filled ashtray and down some stairs to a big white basement with a shiny open kitchen at one end .
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