Example sentences of "around [art] corner " in BNC.

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31 For years articles like this have been heralding the ‘ impending ’ arrival of a new British Standard for plain clay roofing tiles : good news was just around the corner .
32 Around the corner was a Hardware Store selling Croak-a-Roach and Roach Motels .
33 The ramp is moved around the corner of the sports centre into perpetual shade .
34 Such rainy visions formed the basis of Morrissey 's songwriting , coupled with a fear that around the corner , the North of England faced even darker days .
35 That kind of mystical knowledge that there is something incredibly black around the corner .
36 Caricature was just around the corner .
37 Nobody but a fool who believes his luck lies around the corner could be similarly influenced by the likes of Frankie .
38 Or are we just creatures of our time , trapped by our failure to see the solutions around the corner of our life-span ?
39 ‘ A bloke told us to watch it because there was a police car around the corner taking names and addresses .
40 So far neither are demonstrating much recognition of their respective energy apocalypses just around the corner .
41 Gone are the days when Grandma lived down the road and Auntie Maud was just around the corner , each of them providing a comforting and experienced shoulder for the young mother to lean upon .
42 She only lives around the corner . ’
43 Home Rule was just around the corner .
44 The shadows of a mouse projected upon the wall in such a way could make us believe a monster lurked around the corner .
45 Right at the end of the street was the wall of a very old building , the entrance being around the corner in Barnards Cross .
46 I 've already mentioned the two general stores in Gigant Street , Whitlock 's and Moody 's , and just around the corner were two bakers , Naish 's and Robbins ' , trading in Trinity Street .
47 T. D. There were always twenty or thirty or so bucks hanging around the corner on Nichols Street , and if they saw you coming , they 'd all move .
48 But now that retirement is just around the corner we are all really looking forward to spending more time there .
49 So far no-one has succeded in activating methane , but if the current rate of progress is maintained that feat must be just around the corner .
50 Even then , when others were talking of fusion reactors being just around the corner , Cockcroft warmed that ‘ it is difficult for us with our limited vision to see far enough ahead to say whether and when the final goal can be achieved .
51 Yet the public is regularly given the impression that a general solution to the problem of natural-language understanding has been found , and that computers with the ability to chat to us and with various other human characteristics are just around the corner .
52 Alternatively and more excitingly , perhaps around the corner there lurks a tenth explanation — the true one at last .
53 Just around the corner from Sion House they found a narrow five-story terraced house built in the 1840s but impeccably Georgian in every other respect .
54 While they watched the rain a horse suddenly walked around the corner of the track ahead .
55 Around the corner , in Rutherglen Road , a small knot of people would gather outside the office of the Hebrew Burial Society , awaiting the hearse and accompanying vehicles .
56 Everyone stayed awake instead , believing that something exciting had to be just around the corner .
57 He took a deep breath , primed the fuse , and leapt around the corner , arm raised .
58 She ran around the corner and straight into the arms of John Delaney , screaming before she could stop herself .
59 For the tourist at heart visit Madam Tussauds or the Planetarium ( ideal for wet weather ) which are literally around the corner .
60 ‘ Money buys you certain things , but it ca n't buy you the simple pleasures in life like going around the corner into a bar and having a drink , ’ he says
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