Example sentences of "[vb pp] [prep] a long period " in BNC.

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61 What was less obvious was the effect on the system as a whole , which had evolved over a long period of time influenced by a variety of political and economical pressures , and not necessarily in a methodical manner .
62 If we find that magnets attached to cats will upset their ability to find their way home , then we are beginning , very dimly , to understand the amazing homing abilities that the animals have evolved over a long period of time .
63 This is seldom needed for analysis purposes but random access mode is often used where the records are held over a long period and have to be updated with the passage of time .
64 Such factors may include , for instance , a previous experience of loss which was dealt with badly , unresolved grief , past experience of failure , a lack of a sense of self-efficacy , a low self-esteem , a previous history of psychiatric disorder , and an absence of close relationships established over a long period of time .
65 All your behaviour , with the exception of those reflexes that were built into the system , has been acquired over a long period of ad hoc learning .
66 These real arts of the field man 's work can only be acquired over a long period , and they must be practised and refined by an officer on his own in the course of his work .
67 This technique was highly dangerous and required the skills that Cheshire had certainly acquired over a long period , but was equally within Gibson 's exceptional abilities .
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