Example sentences of "[vb pp] [prep] a long period " in BNC.

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31 At its meeting on 25 January the National Executive agreed to a statement surveying Cripps ' " past campaigns waged over a long period " , " his wide departure from the Party 's Programme , Principles and Policy " , and his " organised effort fundamentally to change the Party 's direction and leadership " .
32 Ethnographic research has special qualities suited to dealing with controversial topics in sensitive locations , for it entails a gradual and progressive contact with respondents , which is sustained over a long period , allowing a rapport to be established slowly with respondents over time , and for researchers to participate in the full range of experiences involved in the topic .
33 Perhaps it is because a predator is able to find and eat relatively large numbers of aposematic prey in a short space of time , and that the high initial rate of feeding produces a more powerful reinforcement than a greater number of prey eaten over a longer period .
34 If it 's a professional job they will have been observed over a long period and their habits and financial status will be known . ’
35 Capital allowances deducted from the taxable income may be higher in the early years ( and therefore lower in the later years ) thin book depreciation , which may be charged over a longer period .
36 As in most parts of Britain the Hercynian movements at the end of the Carboniferous were accompanied and followed by a long period of erosion .
37 ( c ) Ensure that no voucher is retained for a longer period than 14 days from receipt .
38 British case at least , the problem of national or ethnic difference was masked for a long period by development occurring in the peripheries at the same rate and in similar ways to development in industrial England .
39 The picture was not seen as ‘ a moment of time ’ but the wings were assumed to be spread for a long period ( Goldsmith , 1984 , pp.2–3 ) .
40 The risk of a very old person falling and being left for a long period lying on the floor is a sufficient anxiety to encourage some families to opt for residential care for their elderly family member , when with enough support it might not be necessary ( Challis and Davies , 1985 , p. 571 ) .
41 1976 ) , is being revived after a long period of disrepute .
42 Similarly , events arising out of long-standing difficulties would increase risk of depression : where , for instance , a husband left home after years of arguing and discord ; a child was arrested for burglary after a long history of behavioural problems at home and school ; or a substantial fine was incurred after a long period of extreme financial difficulty ( Brown et al. , 1987 ) .
43 These measures had resulted from a long period of maturation and fitted into Morrison 's 1944 vision of a ‘ legislative programme of social reconstruction ’ after the war had ended .
44 It points out , however , that decommissioning costs are spread over a long period , while those of reprocessing spent fuel are more immediate .
45 But obviously a place not already converted would cost less initially , and the price of rebuilding would be spread over a longer period .
46 It faced substantial protests , however , from water suppliers , notably in the UK ( see pp. 36903 ; 37159 ) and in West Germany , who objected that the massive costs involved would need to be spread over a longer period .
47 An additional incentive is that a garden , in contrast to its associated historic building , does not always need substantial sums for major fabric repairs at the outset and can be revived over a longer period of time .
48 If an experiment produces animals that are to be kept for a long period , or that are to form the basis of a breeding colony .
49 Debt due for repayment within two years could be paid within five years , and debt due to be repaid over a longer period could be paid within eight years .
50 Even at the primary stage , it has been shown that children can often grasp that a country house contains material that has accumulated over a long period .
51 Complex adaptations have developed because in certain circumstances the same selection pressure has been maintained over a long period of time .
52 Of course , as has been shown , neither English nor humane education were simply " there " , but had been laboriously constructed over a long period .
53 It is a stone building , constructed over a long period and one of the richest Czech Gothic ecclesiastical structures .
54 Besides , the variations in the pattern and emphasis of such courses seem to have grown up largely pragmatically , as a function of the organizational ‘ discretion ’ that both institutions and academics have in responding to the needs , pressures and priorities they have perceived over a long period of time .
55 There 's really no chance of getting bitten if your ferrets have been properly handled over a long period and are never scared .
56 But what I am saying in context , no this has a deal to do with the co boundaries , as you know erm the honourable member well knows , the essence of this this is wholly inappropriate in terms of erm trying to latest citizenship through an arrangement of six additional boundaries into a erm union and a political state and I think that that is the profound objection that this side of the house has expressed over a long period of time now , is a reflection of the public mood in the country in respect of this election and the way the boundaries er are are erm apportioned and all I say in conclusion is that this is an evidence further of the irrelevance of this house in reflecting and attesting to public opinion outside .
57 This explains how the disease can be misdiagnosed over a long period and stresses the need for biopsy specimens whatever the type of gastric lesion .
58 Another reason for our inability to give accurate figures is due to the prevalence of several other types of population movement , some of them on a huge scale , although extended over a longer period .
59 The performance of the housewife role in adulthood is prefaced by a long period of apprenticeship .
60 Your own , personalized weight control programme has not been a sudden thing but has evolved over a long period of time .
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