Example sentences of "[pers pn] have been talking [prep] " in BNC.

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31 I 've been talking with Father O'Harte , and I 'm come back .
32 ‘ We came here ’ , Miss Honey said , ‘ to talk about you and I 've been talking about nothing but myself the whole time .
33 There 's very little room for the qualitative work I 've been talking about : it it is there it tends to get tacked on to an existing project when the sociologist is brought in to provide expertise on survey design or interviewing or to use a standard measure of patient ‘ quality of life . ’
34 Now we know that Antarctic bottom water is formed here in the Webber Sea and the samples that I 've been talking about were taken here in the South Georgia basin , so we can see that it has taken seventeen years for the water to travel from here to here .
35 Erm the service continues next term with me starting and then Mike taking over half way through and what I 'll be doing is supplying the general two theoried two theoretic semantics that I 've been talking about erm two specific instructions in a natural language I can get what six
36 Davidson Davidson kind of claims this in semantics in natural languages which I suggested that you read , but Davidson puts the claim the other way round , that is there 's no more syntax than that structure needs in semantics and that 's just false , that 's just false because you 're not going to account for all the data I 've been talking about , about verb phrases .
37 ‘ So how do we avoid turning into those sort of pillocks I 've been talking about , Jim ? ’
38 I now want to prove to you that this kind of evolution I 've been talking about , evolution by natural selection , at the level of individual genes , can not produce social cooperation .
39 In other words , these things I 've been talking about , map , if I may use that concept again from mathematics , they map to earlier feelings .
40 But I do n't think it really ever I mean there were quite a lot of initiatives like that you know of people thinking of different ways really of of sticking together to combat er you know what I 've been talking about which was smashing unionism and er forcing lower wages really onto the the already low paid , which er really seems to be what Thatcher 's all about you know in order to er curb inflation and create a very divided society where er half the population seem to have to live either on the dole or in in poverty really in in derelict bits of Britain .
41 I have to write what I 've been talking about .
42 Well , if you 're talking about the smallest sort of business , and you 've spent maybe two thousand pounds on your actual computer , complete with a printer and the floppy discs I 've been talking about , then you might expect to spend another five hundred to a thousand pounds on a basic set of software .
43 ‘ Miss Russell and I have been talking over the past . ’
44 Now sir , he had continued acidly , gripping Mark by the ear , ‘ tell me , if I may be so bold as to ask , precisely what I have been talking about . ’
45 The reader may well ask what I have been talking about hitherto .
46 I have been talking about experiences which affect both men and women ; what I am suggesting is that the role of the Weaving Mother is to spin a thread , a bond , from the ‘ raw material ’ proffered by the male .
47 erm , moving on , erm audio description in Scotland , no er since this , the last meeting , yes Cath and I have been talking about all that money , we had an entertaining day out
48 I have been talking about the different levels at which reason operates in relation to individual disciplines : we can take up stances within disciplines , across disciplines , and in being critical of disciplines as a whole .
49 I 'm sure that over the years , you 'll have er , gone through some of the experiences that Madeline and I have been talking about over the last five minutes .
50 But the range and breadth of coverage I have been talking about can not be done within the existing confines of Radio 4 .
51 I have been talking to the whites many years about the lands in question , and it is strange they can not understand me ; the country they claim belonged to my father , and when he died it was given to me and my people , and I will not leave it until I am compelled to .
52 I have been talking to colleagues here in Oxford about the use of OALDCE 3/e in one of your hand held devices .
53 I have been talking to one or two members of s staff at a fairly low level over the last week .
54 I have been talking to the leaders in Medicine and Education and clearly there are many areas where we can and will be working together in telling the Government that they must support us in supplying quality services and that the Treasury is a support service , not the determinant of policy .
55 It is in islands like the one I have been talking of that one can best speak to the emergent nations about their problems in a relaxed , a hospitable and an egalitarian atmosphere , and against the background of a shared experience .
56 I have been talking with our legal adviser about these .
57 ‘ I hear you 've been talking to my Hilda and young Ralph . ’
58 ‘ I hear you 've been talking to our friends in Manila , ’ he says , chattily , as though the difference in our rank means nothing to him .
59 She has been talking to the Seniors about working on Saturdays .
60 I said so , and you fobbed me off with the excuse that you 'd been talking about Lilian 's twin .
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