Example sentences of "[pers pn] is [adv] assumed that " in BNC.

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31 It is frequently assumed that the Specification is a device designed to enable the pursuer to make life difficult for the insured , the insurer and the solicitor for both .
32 It is frequently assumed that large corporations act in roughly the same manner , whether they are part of the public or the private sector , and that their industrial relations follow the same pattern , too .
33 Sometimes it is incorrectly assumed that listing patients ' problems precludes inclusion of psychiatric diagnosis .
34 To compare the two speeches , it is immediately assumed that Antony 's is the better because it has put a cover over everything Brutus had said .
35 It is widely assumed that Elders will not bother to hold on to any Scottish shares and its 23.7 per cent stake will be acquired and used as the springboard for a bid .
36 Because the economy is in recession , it is widely assumed that the government will and should cut interest rates .
37 It is widely assumed that the general , who has been doing his best to fan the speculation , will try to become prime minister after he leaves the army .
38 These days , it is widely assumed that monitoring of firms by close , caring banks is a better way to run things than the arms-length institutional ownership of America and Britain .
39 It is widely assumed that ‘ real ’ country people are in favour of development as a source of new jobs and housing while the rich commuter is only concerned to protect his equity and a style of living which has never been available to the locals .
40 It is widely assumed that the more efficiently a stock market functions the better off everyone is .
41 This attitude to non-verbal communication has been encouraged by the popularisation of right-brain left-brain studies and amongst those who sponsor the soft primitivism that I have just referred to it is widely assumed that the verbal capabilities of the left cerebral hemisphere have been over-developed by a culture which puts too much emphasis on linguistic finesse and that the expressive repertoire of the supposedly holistic right hemisphere has been dangerously neglected as a consequence .
42 It is widely assumed that restoration of intestinal continuity inevitably results in a better quality of life for the patient , but that is not necessarily the case .
43 It is widely assumed that different ICUs can be compared by the ratio of actual mortality to that predicted by the APACHE score .
44 It is widely assumed that these scoring systems can be used for comparisons .
45 It is widely assumed that the Bundesbank council will effect a 50 basic points cut in official rates at either the meeting this Thursday or on 1 April .
46 It is also assumed that a bimbo is unintelligent , could n't possibly have an interest in anything other than clothes and make-up .
47 It is also assumed that these qualities are true of most old people .
48 It is also assumed that an individual 's response to an item will be completely independent of his or her response to any other items in the test .
49 It is also assumed that the number of arrivals of information per time period varies .
50 It is also assumed that the variance of the error term is constant and that the error terms themselves are uncorrelated with any other firm 's error term ( ) and uncorrelated with the independent variable , .
51 It is also assumed that the reader is familiar with relational database technology and the concepts and terminology therein .
52 It is also assumed that all complex carbohydrate malabsorbed are converted to H 2 with the same degree of rapidity as is the case with lactulose .
53 Assertions can be signalled by writing " I would suggest " , or " I would argue " , but often it is just assumed that whatever you say is your suggestion or argument .
54 It is hypothetically assumed that if a woman marries but remains childless , she would work continuously in a full-time job until switching to part-time employment , set somewhat arbitrarily at age 54 , the age when the majority of her employed contemporaries are in part-time jobs .
55 The derivation of the birds from a reptilian ( possibly dinosaur ) ancestor is certain , and because the earliest fossil bird , Archaeopteryx , is Jurassic in age , it is usually assumed that the split from the reptiles occurred in the earlier part of the period .
56 It is usually assumed that this is a deficiency in the enzymes ( see p 18 ) that detoxify foreign chemicals .
57 It is usually assumed that the aim of group management is to maximise group profit .
58 For example , hearing impairments provide a common aetiology for linguistic difficulties among deaf children and for this reason it is usually assumed that deaf children will respond to therapy in similar ways .
59 It is usually assumed that although the ever-increasing indebtedness of the USA can not continue indefinitely , the elimination of the imbalance should not be brought about by sudden and severe adjustment .
60 It is usually assumed that the ineffable in art is beyond the province of the professional academic scholar .
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