Example sentences of "[be] said [prep] be [adj] " in BNC.

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31 It could be said to be retrogressive — a return ( retreat ? ) to narrow Victorian child-rearing values — to be writing guidelines on how to encourage obedience and overcome disobedience in the late 1980s .
32 Instead it turns out to be very much concerned with rhetoric , which can hardly be said to be new for this age or even essentially syntactic .
33 If all these separate grams occur then the candidate string can be said to be allowable .
34 Neither she nor Ladislav could be said to be well-off .
35 A deictic element is not a term as such , but some part of the utterance which might be said to be deictic .
36 Those who win regularly on significant issues can be said to be powerful .
37 For the majority of the SSAPs , however , it is possible to identify elements that could be said to be relevant .
38 Yet , as Mary Ainsworth ( 1969 ) points out in relation to the concept of attachment between mother and child ( monkeys included ) , a mental or physiological condition can be said to be present even when it is not visible in behaviour .
39 God is present throughout reality in the sense in which a person can be said to be present throughout his or her body .
40 These meetings could not be said to be unimportant because world Christianity ought to be seen to meet .
41 But surely there are no acts of introspection " that could in any intelligible sense be said to be identifiable independently of their objects , analogous to " acts of extrospection " .
42 In adjudicating , a meaning is attributed to a rule of law which can not be said to be correct or incorrect .
43 I mean I know an awful lot of people outside Harlow who who come here but Harlow people could be said to be apathetic or not being marketed rightly .
44 Surprisingly she discovered that funding for both film-makers and festival organisers is proving as elusive in the larger metropolitan centres as it is here where the state of gay and lesbian film culture can safely be said to be embryonic at best .
45 It is such questions which one must ask of Christians , particularly Christians who would be feminist , who explain that the creation story ( or any other part of the Christian story which may be said to be sexist ) is to them a ‘ true myth ’ .
46 Miss Ellis writes cleverly and without wasting words , and her tale of Lili whose father is Egyptian and whose mother English , and whose own nature allows her to assume either nationality as the whim takes her , can be said to be compact and readable .
47 For our present purposes , there are two main senses in which the inner-city phonology can be said to be complicated : first , there is a much higher degree of ‘ low-level ’ allophonic variation in the inner-city than in outer areas , resulting in a wide range of variation and frequent overlap between phonemes ; yet , this variation can be shown to be rule-governed ; second , there is a high incidence of what I have called phono-lexical alternation ( as measured in variables of type 2b ) in the inner-city , which is much reduced in outer-city communities .
48 The concept of parental rights in education could be said to be concerned with the ability of parents to extend the control they are able to exert within the family to their child 's formal education , thus protecting their ‘ interest ’ in the child .
49 The second section looks at the various legal provisions which can be said to be concerned with certain specific social and moral educational objectives : the law on sex and race discrimination , religious education and collective worship , sex education and the coverage of political issues in the classroom .
50 As parts of a whole Universe we could be said to be responsible for everything , for we are an active part of an active creation .
51 The students could not be said to be responsible for their own actions and thoughts .
52 But any magazine that retains a nonagenarian film critic and a weekly cartoonist who has entered his eighth decade can hardly be said to be immature .
53 This will account for the fact that although it is the obvious lesson of Darwinism that species mutate , they can not be said to be aware of this nor in any sense to change themselves .
54 Is saying , ‘ Oh , I 'm so tired ’ natural tiredness-behaviour for us , in spite of the fact that ‘ I 'm tired ’ , unlike yawning , even pretence yawning , can be said to be true or false ?
55 How far can the characteristics suggested for tribunals be said to be true of tribunals to the exclusion of other forms of dispute resolution ?
56 ‘ Brother shall deliver up brother to death ’ could be said to be true of Jerome , for if he had not killed he had indeed delivered Aldhelm to his death .
57 We could only do so if in our view he was so clearly and outrageously wrong that his decision could properly be said to be irrational .
58 It is true , certainly , that feeling good for no particular reason , and the sensation of warmth , do not involve objects or contents that can be said to be determinate in a certain sense .
59 The development of computer-based public access systems to the holdings of one or more libraries , together with advances in online bibliographic searching , have increasingly led to the use of CAI programmes for user training , yet use of CAI programmes can hardly be said to be widespread .
60 Thus each group of accounts might be said to be objective but they are not comparable .
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