Example sentences of "[noun sg] of control over the " in BNC.

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31 Will Ministers be prepared to surrender the close degree of control over the Prison Service to which they have grown accustomed , and to the extent necessary to allow a Chief Executive the freedom required for true agency status ?
32 The Home Secretary performs the following functions in relation to all police forces : ( a ) Some degree of control over the appointment and dismissal of senior officers .
33 One way of avoiding most of the problems associated with legislative guide-lines , while still ensuring a reasonable degree of control over the way sentencers exercise their discretion , would be to hand over the task of preparing the guide-lines to an independent sentencing commission or council , of the kind proposed by Ashworth ( 1993a : 447 , 1997 : 91 ) .
34 Using the Light Rifle about 10′ from a 22″ television set gave a reasonable degree of control over the game .
35 They might see it as better to take-over their main supplier , even if it means that company losing some existing orders from competing manufacturers of food products ; * buyers may deliberately seek international suppliers , so as to maintain their choice and retain some degree of control over the prices and terms of supply .
36 Since this case law was developed in the context of the exercise of delegated powers by the Commission , it would seem highly unlikely that the Court would wish to exercise a greater degree of control over the exercise of original legislative power by the Council of Ministers .
37 The Congress exercises a degree of control over the General People 's Committee , which is broadly equivalent to a Council of Ministers or Cabinet .
38 The Congress exercises a degree of control over the General People 's Committee , which is broadly equivalent to a Council of Ministers or Cabinet .
39 Interactivity in an information system gives the user some influence over access to the information and a degree of control over the outcomes of using the system .
40 It was intended as a device to enable states with major accumulations of crude oil to exercise the fullest possible degree of control over the industry concerned with its extraction .
41 The issue of control over the Fleet had been a source of tension between the two states since the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991 [ see pp. 38732 ; 38878 ] .
42 planning applications , erm the sort of locational aspects are important , the the existing policy in the structure plan did have some sort of control over the the number of jobs , but it 's as as David Potter has said , it 's been very difficult to monitor er the level of jobs being provided , and in practice it 's been really impossible to implement that aspect of of the policy .
43 Success in the Persian wars and the establishment of control over the Thracian mines brought further enrichment to the treasuries .
44 We all believe in political fairness : we accept that each person or group in the community should have a roughly equal share of control over the decisions made by Parliament or Congress or the state legislature .
45 Among the various characteristics of these technologies which Blauner identifies we highlight three here : the changing skill requirements , the worker 's sense of control over the work process , and changes in the meaningfulness of work — these last two characteristics being , to a very large extent , a product of the social relationships which the worker has with management and the end-user of the product being made .
46 In both craft and continuous-flow production the worker has a sense of control over the work process , claims Blauner .
47 you may gain a sense of control over the ways in which HIV could affect you , your partner and your family
48 Set against these developments , soccer hooliganism may be interpreted as ‘ attempts by certain sections of the class to assert some inarticulate , but keenly experienced sense of control over the game that was theirs ’ ( Taylor , 1971a:163 ) .
49 To grasp the mystic significance of numbers — for instance , the two poles of Solomon 's litter , and the four struts that supported its canopy — was to acquire ( as some wielders of power in modern times have done through astrology ) a sense of control over the contemporary world : to explain the failure of some policies , to plan and time others more effectively .
50 Roxborough criticises the standard account of the Mexican labour movement , for its one-sided emphasis on the aspect of control over the rank and file ( Roxborough 1984 ) .
51 What this means , of course , is that the user gives up a certain amount of control over the layout and the actual construction of the document .
52 The heads identified as JYM thus exercise a form of control over the process of viewing and apprehension which is normally denied to portraiture .
53 However , as with other renewables the lack of control over the matching of electrical output to demand is a disadvantage .
54 The corollary of the possession of power by companies is that the individuals , interest groups , and communities affected by it suffer a lack of control over the conditions which determine how they live their lives .
55 It has been suggested that the lack of control over the system of payment by the Ministry of Health has created ‘ monumental distortions and fraud . ’
56 If a third party has harmed the child , therefore , the statutory criteria will only be met if a reasonable parent would have acted to prevent the harm or was unable to do so because of his lack of control over the child .
57 The explosive power of volcanos is proof if ever it was needed , of man 's lack of control over the environment .
58 Collegiality in this form is still predicated upon the idea of control over the organisation .
59 However while this may provide the conceptual basis for judicial intervention , it furnishes little in the way of guidance as to the extent of control over the conditions of jurisdiction .
60 In the first place , it involves some actual power of control over the thing possessed .
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