Example sentences of "been used for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 Many ordinary everyday objects and buildings could have been used for religious purposes , but this would not be detectable from archaeological evidence alone .
32 His main argument was that Gothic , having been used for nineteenth-century churches , should now be considered as the basis of all building types , particularly domestic , although commercial and public buildings were considered .
33 These tests have been used for individual student assessment and as instruments for the product evaluation of instructional programmes .
34 A superb SWAN which has only been used for private cruising in the Med .
35 This is when free will has again been used for egotistical desires , your need for power , riches , or a soft ride .
36 Cheaper , mass-produced furniture may have dowel joints instead of tenons , and you may find that screws have been used for makeshift repairs in the past .
37 Do n't be discouraged by this , as it is a good sign that you have stretched muscles that have not been used for some time .
38 This has n't been used for some time so it 's a bit so I 'm just going to wipe it out so there are no particles or foreign bodies in there .
39 Bound , hard cover books , laboratory notebooks have been used for some time and have a strong pedigree .
40 IMPACT Moling : These machines have been used for some years to lay services and pipes up to 125mm in diameter .
41 Well mine ai n't been used for three month .
42 Segregation and control units have been used for difficult prisoners , especially in women 's prisons .
43 Mururoa has been used for nuclear tests since 1966 , at first in the air but , since 1981 , underground .
44 Their targets were ostensibly bases of the Kurdish Workers ' Party ( PKK ) guerrilla movement which had been used for cross-border attacks .
45 It 's quite rare to get the equipment that 's been used for this type of activity .
46 Some Home Corners have even extended onto split levels or two floors , where raised areas have been used for this purpose .
47 In fact , some small part of the new funds might indeed have been used for this purpose as the societies ' balance sheet shows , but it will be only a very small proportion of the total funds received .
48 Microprocessors have not been used for this work up to now and the first-ever system for a PWR is currently being installed by the French at their new power station at Paluel .
49 In fact there are six , including the background colour , which means that six colours have been used for this design .
50 BELOW The same evidence has been used for this house , but the reconstruction is quite different .
51 Mrs Robson had contacted the Echo a few weeks ago to say that her brother 's cast-iron bath was 40 years old and had not been used for 12 years .
52 Mrs Robson had contacted the Echo a few weeks ago to say that her brother 's cast-iron bath was 40 years old and had not been used for 12 years .
53 Plant subjects in the same lunchboxes that had been used for previous experiments were placed on a stand and viewed .
54 Micropalaeontological studies on recovered core samples have been used for stratigraphical studies on behalf of petroleum exploration companies .
55 At intervals round each temple there were adyta , sunken and secluded rectangular areas which are thought to have been used for important ceremonies ( Marinatos 1984 ) .
56 Although evidence given in earlier hearings had suggested that on at least one occasion Ministry of the Interior " reserve funds " had been used for GAL-related activities , the trial judges in their 170-page verdict concluded that the group had not been part of " the apparatus of the state " .
57 At what I called the Winter Marsh inlet , though it was not called anything on the map , there was a wooden quay in what struck me as remarkably good condition for a structure that presumably had not been used for several years .
58 The beakers could also have been used for pouring libations on an altar in the act of making a vow .
59 Outside the tomb entrance was a larger , rectangular altar which may have been used for sacrificial offerings .
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