Example sentences of "been [adv] for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 It 's er in the report that we produced , most of the families are in fact single parent families , most of them are on Social Security benefits and have been on for considerable periods of time , but there are a number of people who are in employment or who have had periods of employment , but they are in low paid jobs , so when you 're talking about an income of one hundred pounds a week , with the sort of housing costs there are and other costs , then there simply is n't enough money to go round .
2 She knew intuitively Babylon had been only for one night .
3 Until recently , CHP systems — combined heat and power , also called co-generation — have been only for large hotels and have meant high capital outlays .
4 looks nice , no burnt or anything , and I says ee it 's lovely is it , I said alright , would been down for this morning like and I says ooh come on then do n't bother when you get home starting making anything I says just say , let's ask for steak pies , so I says er can we have er two steak and kidney pies please ? , she said I 'm sorry we do n't , there is n't any kidney an all , I 'm glad there is n't I did n't want , well I 'd of eaten 'em like but I 'd rather have them without
5 Wiping them might have been enough for most people — but not for somebody who was trying to do card tricks . ’
6 I was n't afraid of losing my boyfriend while I was in prison , because I 've seen people who 've been in for two years and their boyfriends still come and see them .
7 Myra Hindley has been in prison for my whole life : I 'm twenty-two now and she 's been in for twenty-two years .
8 He went home with a couple who had been together for twelve years , not because he wanted to know what it would be like to be made love to by two men at once , but rather to see how these particular two men lived as a couple ; specifically , what they did together in the morning before going to work .
9 ‘ Friday nights because we have n't been together for four nights , Sundays because we know there are another four ahead of us , and … why Saturdays ? ’
10 We 've been together for five years , Lexy and I — she practically holds that company together .
11 They 'd been together for eighteen months or more , and she had no one else .
12 They 've been together for fourteen years , they met at school .
13 Lindsey and Pete had started talking about having a baby when she was fourteen , and did so the following year : Pete and me had been together for eleven months and loved each other more than words could say .
14 And again when they had been together for two years and he was still seeing other women : ‘ They were my protection against these feelings I had for her , ’ he said .
15 Sinead had a hard time at school because she was a newcomer in a class which had been together for two years , and some of her fellow pupils knew her recent history .
16 I told him about my uncle after we 'd been together for six months and , though he was outraged , I persuaded him not to confront Joe or tell anyone .
17 They had been together for six months but fell out when he told her he wanted to see more of his friends .
18 Fiona & Paul had been together for six years before deciding to tie the knot .
19 Despite their 20-year age gap , the couple have now been together for eight years and run a pub in Amersham , Bucks .
20 Having been together for ten years , disbanding twice and then leaving prolific label 4AD , ME went to America to chance it lucky .
21 Or if members of a group are not familiar with each other , no mutual aid may occur until they have been together for some time .
22 The couple live apart and although they have been together for some time , you sense Clint 's fingers have been burned by his previous bad experiences .
23 We 've been together for 23 years .
24 We have n't been together for three months .
25 it 's been inside for two hours and ca n't get out
26 The roles of chairman and chief executive are segregated and have been so for nine years .
27 A landmark on the Waxholme/Withernsea road is the old Black Mill , and has been so for many generations .
28 It is made from M. spicata , but there are many other mints with various distinct aromas and flavours — garden mint is the most commonly used and has been so for many centuries .
29 Once you are fully better , and have been so for some time , you can risk the occasional slice of white bread or a sliver of cake .
30 To make matters worse , the two men had been ordered to Germany to attend a conference , and had been away for eight days .
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