Example sentences of "be [vb pp] at [adj] time " in BNC.

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31 It can be made at any time once an action has been raised .
32 Enquiries may be made at any time ( and indeed should be ! ) but applications are normally considered in April and September each year .
33 Thus the inconvenience of negotiation can be avoided and a decision to purchase can be made at any time and immediately put into effect .
34 Disclosure may be made at any time between the creation of the fiduciary relationship between firm and customer and the act or omission which would otherwise constitute a breach of duty , or after the breach of duty has occurred , for example on a contract note .
35 Girls and boys who have reached their third birthday are eligible for the Nursery and applications for a Nursery place may be made at any time .
36 Why does she have to be fed at that time ?
37 Eggs are laid down in the autumn and a good digestible protein-rich diet , such as earthworms , should be fed at this time in order to encourage early spawning .
38 The furnace is scheduled as an Ancient Monument in the care of the Department of the Environment , and can be seen at any time .
39 Engine house can be seen at any time .
40 The other divers were nowhere to be seen at this time , which made for an extremely dangerous situation in the open ocean .
41 Can you find out about any others that can be seen at this time of year ?
42 What I think should be done at that time was that the Government should be fifty percent shares in it so that anything that 's er sample that 's brought up they should know what it is .
43 There is legitimate concern that the meeting decided that little could be done at this time we might be able to contribute to the campaign at a later stage .
44 The certificate on form R190(SD) must be completed but this can be done at any time and amounts to little more than a claim procedure .
45 This can be done at any time .
46 Although the Freer 's holdings have increased dramatically since the gallery opened — only 8% of the collections can now be exhibited at one time — it is nonetheless impossible to expand above ground near the Mall .
47 Private courses can be organized at any time of the year for 1 to 4 weeks with 3 , 5 or 8 hours lessons .
48 I 'm going back to the erm controversial emotive subject of atomic power I suppose , as you said earlier , the the atomic bomb and erm I suppose the most worrying thing for er for everybody was when erm the Cuba crisis was on and everybody was just waiting for these mushrooms to appear over London because we all thought we were gon na be bombed at any time but er obviously the other thing that sort of worries people is other things that you said about Chernobyl and Three Mile Island but on the other side , obviously the erm the low cost of atomic power must be the advantage for the future .
49 A Midland TESSA may be transferred at any time to any Midland branch or other Financial Institution .
50 ( It will have to be moved at this time in any case ) .
51 A separate scanner program , called SCAN.EXE , is available which allows individual modules to be scanned at any time without the user being logged on to LIFESPAN .
52 Can be sown at any time of year , in a free-draining seed compost .
53 This rate may be renegotiated at any time .
54 Now lawyers for Asda supermarkets have realised it can be sold at any time by the case — that means at least nine litres of wine or 20 litres of beer .
55 It will remain available and can be used at any time the board thinks appropriate . ’
56 While vision depends on the presence of light , sound can be used at any time of day or night and at all depths .
57 Although it should not normally be necessary , ‘ bulk ’ can be used at any time to completely refresh LIFESPAN information in the relational database .
58 RESTORE can be used at any time in a program to set the line where DATA is read from .
59 They thought he could be used at some time in the future even better internationally than locally .
60 Information about modules might be used at another time when designing another course .
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