Example sentences of "be [verb] [prep] be [adj] " in BNC.

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31 Time and resources spent on music , therefore , may be considered to be disproportionate to its importance in the life of the community .
32 The advantages of such a mechanism are clear , it is possible to manipulate the model and thus understand the outside world in the sense of predicting what will happen without the potential costs of attempting to manipulate the real world and allowing things to happen , some of which might be considered to be unfortunate .
33 Even drinking in a public bar may be considered to be solitary if the principal reason for doing so is the consumption of alcohol rather than for specific social contact .
34 Several of the sites recognized can be considered to be divergent forms of the consensus sequence which is recognized by Vmw175 .
35 If Zuwaya disliked policemen as a category , and took pride in not being related to any , that was in part because in the past ordinary people got their main experience of corruption and venality in the first instance from the police , and that reputation stuck ; and partly also because they recognized that policemen had divided loyalties and could not be trusted to be loyal exclusively to their kinsmen .
36 And a lot more likely to offer advice that could be trusted to be impartial .
37 It is surely reasonable that taxes should be designed to be easy and cheap to collect , difficult to avoid and should not be a discouragement to the enterprise and effort of those paying them .
38 These will be called Scottish Vocational Qualifications ( SVQs ) , will encompass the competences identified by Industry Lead Bodies and will be designed to be compatible with NVQs awarded in the rest of the UK .
39 Alternatively , production arrangements may be designed to be flexible enough to supply target markets in a large number of relatively small and specialised niches , such as in the market for industrial or aviation control systems .
40 As the OECD research group on traffic safety in residential areas has commented , ‘ signing regulations should be supported by engineering structural measures as enforcement would be expected to be minimal . ’
41 As a returner , these are the skills in which you will be expected to be competent before being allowed to return to practice .
42 The motivation for the project was : staff recognition of a need to evaluate whether children made any real progress in their written work between 1st year infants and 4th year juniors ; whether too much was expected too soon , and whether it is possible to decide an age when the average child could be expected to be competent in certain skills ; whether the language curriculum throughout the school was sufficiently broad in terms of coverage or whether there was unnecessary duplication ; whether the most able children were being stretched enough ; whether there was any justification for ‘ setting ’ across classes for certain kinds of work ; whether pooling teacher energy and resources on a common topic increased intra-staff awareness and co-operation , and co-operation and interest among children from different classes ; and finally , whether whole-school topic work appeared sufficiently worthwhile in terms of children 's learning experiences to warrant repetition at some future date .
43 It requires the cooperation of every citizen , and no law which unreasonably infringes the freedoms of that citizen can be expected to be effective .
44 As it stands , the crucial implication of these findings , if they are correct , is that increasing the availability of support for people with adverse living circumstances in an attempt to prevent depression would not be expected to be effective .
45 While the information assembled here facilitates the design and implementation of interventions that might reasonably be expected to be effective , chapter 9 shows that there is little firm evidence to demonstrate such effectiveness in many specific high-risk situations .
46 The numbers of the skeletal elements are usually expressed as proportions of the numbers that would be expected to be present for a given number of prey individuals , which is usually the minimum number of individuals ( MNI ) .
47 At the same time , a vuggy porosity was also created in the lower unit of carbonate mudstones but this was found to have resulted from the dissolution of patches and veins of replacement halite ( Fig. 29b and c ) and as such can not be expected to be present away from the areas where replacement has occurred .
48 However , certain features can be expected to be present in any viable theory .
49 Moreover , a viral superantigen would be expected to be present in all HIV-infected patients , unless its activity depends on half the HLA phenotypes .
50 Only if an intervention is effective not only in eliminating this factor , but also in transforming the person 's lifestyle such that he or she is removed from this conveyor belt of risk , can the effects of the intervention be expected to be apparent ten or twenty years later .
51 This combination can not be expected to be homogeneous to start with .
52 But when you first started when you 're not quite sure what 's happening you ca n't be expected to be perfect the first time you have a go at something can you .
53 Second-hand goods can not be expected to be perfect .
54 If these strands were antiparallel spin diffusion crosspeaks would be expected to be visible between G2H1 and G5H8 , and vice versa. 5122K data sets were acquired using time proportional phase incrementation ( ref. 31 ) in phase-sensitive mode , with a sweep width of 7,812.5Hz .
55 The relief of strain energy would thus be expected to be proportional to the square of the crack length , or rather depth , and in fact this rough guess is confirmed by calculation .
56 The period for which the product can be expected to be stable under given conditions must also be specified .
57 Signs in use for many referents reflect one or two of these properties , and thus we should not be surprised that comparisons of sign lists result in such a high degree of similarity , as the appearance , movement , and use of an object can be expected to be similar across different cultures .
58 The applicant is required to certify that he has taken nature conservation into account when implementing his scheme , even though the average farmer can not be expected to be capable of assessing such impacts .
59 we replied that our only object was to secure a Government on such lines and with such a prospect of stability that it might reasonably be expected to be capable of carrying on the war ; that in our opinion his Government , weakened by the resignations of Lloyd George and Bonar Law and by all that had gone on during the past weeks , offered no such prospect and we answered the question therefore with a perfectly definite negative .
60 Under these circumstances bood sizes would be expected to be low and behavioural traits to emphasize careful and effective rearing and foraging under difficult circumstances .
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