Example sentences of "is [v-ing] all the time " in BNC.

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31 ‘ By televising it we are showing that the fight against crime is continuing all the time . ’
32 The adventurers now have four rounds to do something — and do n't forget , the bannister rail is biting all the time .
33 SUPER SAVER DAVID JAMES may have made a few mistakes but he is learning all the time , says Liverpool boss Graeme Souness ( inset ) .
34 The use of computers in production is extending all the time , as fully-automated plants and robots can bear witness .
35 New evidence regarding the possible action of fluoride on human cells and tissues is emerging all the time .
36 Commonly used for furniture units , panelling and partitions , the scope of mdf is increasing all the time , as moistureresistant , fire-resistant and exterior grades are coming on to the market , together with pre-finished d-i-y products such as skirtings , covings , architraves , mouldings and floor panels .
37 In a recent letter to Dr Jeffrey , the association 's chairman , Electricity Association chief executive Roger Farrance , said ‘ The EEIBA only just manages to balance its books and its case load is increasing all the time .
38 Erm , one other thing that I want to make about erm , the victims , erm , I am very much er , involved with erm , victim support Wiltshire , and one of the problems with victim support Wiltshire is their work is increasing all the time because the crime rate goes up , and every time there is more crime there is more victims , but the , the Government has not yet said that they will put the money up that they erm , that they er , the grant up that they give to the victim support .
39 We have been asked to give that up and to go over to the European Community system , with the European Court and majority voting — the shoe is pinching all the time .
40 ‘ Kylie is changing all the time , she has never let a trend take hold of her .
41 English is changing all the time .
42 Even indoors , the relative humidity is changing all the time , especially between night and day .
43 Spelling is changing all the time , but slowly .
44 The third is to recognise that the labour force is changing all the time and therefore different patterns of working can be gradually introduced .
45 They will become aware that they live in a world that is changing all the time , and that older people in their lifetimes have often lived through some major changes .
46 Jancey is talking all the time , like she 's coaxing a wounded dog .
47 In view of the fact that the need to prepare a conveyance is reducing all the time , we will not go into this in detail in this text .
48 I mean you ask what it 's like erm being a member of the majority Labour group , being the leader of the City Council , it 's extremely hard work , it 's an enormous responsibility , and on many occasions it 's extremely frustrating because the amount of freedom that the City Council has to decide its policy and decide its spending priorities is reducing all the time .
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