Example sentences of "it be [noun] [prep] [pron] " in BNC.

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31 Christine takes her appearance very seriously : ‘ It 's part of my job to look a notch up , a bit glam .
32 Bolton , who hoped to marry Nicolette as soon as she divorces co-star Harry Hamlin , says : ‘ My fans love my hair — it 's part of my image .
33 ‘ Of course , I go out to give defenders a hard time — it 's part of my job .
34 It 's part of my inner soul ,
35 Now one of the things I think we need to do , And I I I put it in there and it 's pa it 's part of my appraisal system , is to do some work on actually entitlements to training .
36 It 's part of my character , it 's who I am and I 'm not gon na hide underneath any wig .
37 ‘ Now I have to know what the latest styles are it 's part of my job . ’
38 It 's part of mu , it 's part of my mum 's Walkman so
39 It 's part of my second year , so yeah I know .
40 It 's part of our thinking not to be on an emotional roller coaster , ’ said Rod Davis , the New Zealand skipper .
41 On the contrary , it 's part of our ever-changing uniqueness that we have our own opinions and beliefs , that we prefer certain sports , hobbies and interests , that we enjoy the company of some people and not others , that we like certain poets , novelists and playwrights and loathe others — and that is fine .
42 But few sportsmen or coaches could be more explicit on this point than Haringey 's sprinter John Skeets : ‘ It 's part of our make-up , physically and mentally . ’
43 I think it 's part of our nature .
44 Lawyers like me have to study people ; it 's part of our job .
45 There 's not much wrong with having a tan — it 's part of our natural defence against sun damage — but we should try to prevent the damage getting out of hand .
46 We will know by the first of April this year rather more than we know at the moment but you 're right it can go up and down , but there are lots of budgets in Social Services which are subject to this and it 's part of our job to try and manage that during the course of the year .
47 Well firstly we need to it it 's part of our training .
48 Erm because it 's part of our training .
49 It 's part of our heritage in a way
50 It 's part of our history .
51 Well it 's certainly clear that some of the companies , for instance Cliffhanger , which have grown in Brighton and developed Brighton as a base , are not just immensely popular within Brighton , but also very popular when we take them out on tour , or when they offer their services to other venues in other parts of East Sussex or Kent , and this is equally true of some of the community orientated groups , some of the musicians and artists who live and work primarily in Brighton erm their talent is readily appreciable throughout the region and therefore it 's part of our tactics to talk to artists who are operating in the Brighton area and see whether they 're willing or interested in taking some of their work out to other parts of the region .
52 Well , tell him it 's kind of him to agree to let me stay here , but I 'm turning down his invitation . ’
53 whether it 's kind of him to keep her there
54 it 's kind of it 's it 's calls itself the Treasure Chest now .
55 It 's kind of you to make me so welcome , ’ she said , dazzling him with a very personal smile .
56 it 's kind of you all to spare me the time . ’
57 ‘ Oh , it 's kind of you , but no thanks , ’ said Dolly , still keeping to the floor and the protection of the blanket .
58 It 's kind of you to say so .
59 It 's kind of you , but — ’
60 It 's kind of you , ’ Jenna put in quickly .
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